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Enter to Win a Kids' Peace Dragon Prize Package! {A #pageturnerhop #giveaway Event}

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The Peace Dragon:
Sometimes things aren't always what they seem... sometimes they are better. When a young explorer comes upon a dragon he quickly learns he shouldn't jump to conclusions. This is no ordinary dragon. This is a Peace Dragon and she is spreading a message of peace the whole world should hear. Join them in this journey that teaches about love and trust and the importance of embracing others for who they are, not how they appear.

The Brain Storm:
"Sometimes you've just got to work it out. Follow along as a bad mood pesters a young boy and ends up rubbing off on all those around him. After a frustrating day under his version of a little dark cloud, he discovers that ultimately working through your feelings and emotions begins with you. This unique picture book contains no words so readers are left to ""read"" the story by interpreting the unique illustrations themselves."

Positively Purple:
PB and Jeli are best bear friends. They play ball together every single day, until the day Jeli gets sick. After the doctor prescribes medication, Jeli begins to feel better but to her surprise, the medication turns her fur purple! With the help of her colorful and caring friends, Jeli learns that there is more to who you are than what shows on the outside. And that maybe being positively purple is positively perfect!

Positively Purple explores the power of empathy and friendship in building a child's self-esteem. Self acceptance is a strong theme running through the story, with a clear message that change in your appearance does not change how your friends feel about you.

Award-winning author and international speaker Linda Ragsdale sets the Peace Dragon’s goal to encourage peace as the default response to any challenge. Survivor of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack, her devastating wound sparked her message and mission of empathy and compassion. Linda has shared her Peace Dragon message in schools, libraries, workshops, and featured in a TEDx talk.

The Peace Dragon: 
Not everything is always as it seems, is it? Oftentimes we are guilty of passing judgement on someone because of what they look like or where they live... and in doing so we miss the chance to know someone really fantastic. Looking beyond the surface is such an important message to teach kids and this book does so beautifully!

Let's be honest, what kid doesn't love dragons? My son loves them because... I mean they breathe fire, right!? And my daughter naturally associates them with fairy tales. Yes... dragons are for everyone! This book features a friendly dragon who offers a message of spreading peace... a message that we very much need these days. The kids love it because it's fun! I love it as a mom because it's such a great message for kids to learn, but written in a way that it's not preachy. We absolutely loved it.

The Brain Storm:
This is NOT your average, everyday story book... it has absolutely no words! What!? At first I must admit I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but the more I looked through it and the more I thought about it, the more I loved the idea. As important as actual reading is, using your imagination is every bit as important too. This book really encourages kids to do just that. They have to really look at the pictures and think about what is going on. They can get creative adding as much or as little backstory to the words as they'd like. My daughter does not yet know how to read (aside from a small handful of words), so I loved that this is one that she can truly enjoy on her own without feeling like she was missing something. It has certainly been a really fun addition to our home library and I'd love to see more books in this same style too!

Positively Purple:
Of all of the books talked about today, this one is my absolute favorite and it seems to be my daughter's too. We loved the fun names and the flow of the story really kept us intrigued through the very end. In the story, Jelli is turned purple after taking some medication. And let me tell you, she is not happy about it. Isn't this something many of us can relate to? Even as adults, if something about us changes unexpectedly we struggle with it. Who am I now? What will people think? This book again covers such an important topic in such a fun and kid friendly way. Whether it's getting new braces or glasses or something even more drastic, I think all kids can appreciate this lesson that they are more than what is on their surface... and that those who matter most, don't care in the slightest.

These books are all quite different in many ways, but ALL are great reads that I love reading with my children. They aren't just entertaining, but they truly do have positive messages kids need to hear every day too. I love them all and look forward to reading more from the author in the future.

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And one very lucky ready is going to win a copy of Positively Purple, The Brain Storm, and The Peace Dragon by Linda Ragsdale, as well as a custom Peace Dragon blanket, mug, and plate! Enter using the giveaway form below:


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