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100 Days of Grace & Gratitude: Days 50-56

Day 50: Savior of the World

What a great reminder with the Easter season having just passed...Jesus is the Savior of the world. It's really as simple as that!

For this page, I really wanted to likewise keep it simple. When I'm journaling, I often like to use every little bit of my supplies... and sometimes that includes the outlines of stickers previously used. This is from an Illustrated Faith sticker sheet that has a variety of stickers saying various names of Jesus. I found myself wishing that these particular stickers hadn't been used as the colors were so perfect for this season... and then I thought, why not use them anyway!? And so this page was born. Did it turn out exactly as I'd pictured? Maybe not, but I loved the simple message and the vibrant colors. The perfect halfway point to these 100 days.

Day 51: God's Spirit In You

I think the idea of the Holy Spirit can really be a hard one to grasp. I think of the song 'Same Power' by Jeremy Camp:

The same power that rose Jesus from the grave 
The same power that commands the dead to wake 
Lives in us, lives in us 
The same power that moves mountains when He speaks 
The same power that can calm a raging sea 
Lives in us, lives in us 

That's pretty amazing to think about, isn't it?

I had started with the idea of journaling this song or another favorite of mine... but when I came across this Illustrated Faith clear cut, I knew it was perfect. He is always with us. His spirit is always there.

Day 52: God's Promises Are True

It's hard to trust in promises sometimes, isn't it? As humans, try as we may, sometimes promises are broken. But the promises God makes? He follows through. Every. Single. Time.

For this page, I wanted to incorporate a rainbow as to me that is the best visual representation of God's promises. I kept that rainbow theme going with my lettering (using clear cuts again)...with a little creativity for the E. There are NEVER enough Es!! I love how bright and fun this page turned out.

Day 53: Grace for a Lifetime

His grace isn't just for a day... it's not just until the next time you fall short, which let's be honest we will all do. Often. But God's grace is forever. Isn't that something to be thankful for?

This page I wanted to simply say thank you for that. I was on a bit of a clear cut kick this week, so I continued that on with this page. I loved the idea of an alarm clock, just as a symbol of time fitting for this page. It worked out nicely that it happened to match the colors already being used!

Day 54: Arm Yourself

There are a lot of temptations coming at us... often from unexpected places. We need God's word to help us stay on the right track.

In my search for an image of a Bible... I instead came across this Illustrated Faith die cut that was actually from one of my very early journaling purchases... it's been waiting for YEARS for the perfect time to use it, and I knew it was the perfect match for this devotion. I stenciled a background with green to bring out that bit of green on the die cut. This turned out to be my favorite page from the week.

Day 55: What Is Your Logo?

Okay, when I read this title I was a bit confused! What does a logo have to do with anything? But it was a great devotion about how others see us--- an image of God.

I spotted this 'I will be transformed' clear cut and thought it was just perfect... after all, isn't that the goal? To be transformed into a reflection of Jesus? With the message of transformation, I incorporated some butterflies too.

Day 56: No Condemnation

I don't know about you, but I am pretty good at forgiving others, but not quite as good at forgiving myself. Thankfully, God does it for us.

For this page, I was going to use some birds, but instead found these beautiful flowers and decided to go that direction instead. I pulled a little orange out of the center to stencil the letters in as well.


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