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4 Ways To Journal Outside Your Bible {+ DIY Bible Art Mini Canvas} #DS_TrueAboutYou

**Kit received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own. 
Though Bible journaling has become increasingly popular in the last few years, I have found that there are two very different groups of people: those who believe it's okay to take notes, highlight, journal and otherwise mark in a Bible... and those who are adamantly opposed. For those in that second group, they have generally been raised to believe that the Bible should be treated with respect and should not be marked in in any way at all.

Now, while I could go into the reasons why I personally feel that Bible journaling is not only acceptable but something that should be celebrated, that's not the point. The reality is, it is just not something that everyone is going to feel comfortable doing... and that's okay. Still, that doesn't mean they cannot still enjoy this creative form of worship! Today, I'm sharing some Bible journaling alternatives outside of the Bible using the Dayspring devotional kits!

Use a Regular Journal

Perhaps the most obvious (and most common) alternative to writing in your Bible is simply using a typical journal. There are some journals actually intended for just this purpose-- for instance, if you've been following along with my 100 Days journeys, you know that while I journal in my Bible, these actually have space just for your art too. Of course, any ol' journal will do too. (The Holley Gerth Grace, Hope, Possibility Journal even perfectly matches the newest journaling kit too!) There are many ways to journal in your typical journal to consider. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Art Journal. With an art journal, you truly are just taking what we typically think of in regards to Bible journaling but moving it outside of the Bible. Create beautiful works of scripture art as you read your Bible/devotions using paints, ink, die cuts, washi and more.
  • Prayer Journal. Write your prayers out! This can be a great way to keep you focused if you-like me- find your thoughts tend to get jumbled and ramble as you pray. It also provides us with a great way to look back and see just how God has answered prayers in the past.
  • Scripture Journal. A scripture journal CAN be an art journal as well, but for those non-artist journalers, it is worth mentioning on it's own as well. A scripture journal allows you simply to write out a piece of scripture into your journal. This can be using fancy lettering tools with decorated pages...or simply copying it down. By rewriting those scriptures, it gives you the time to focus on the words and truly let them sink in. 
  • DIY Journal. As we're talking about Bible journaling kits, this can be a fun way to really get your creative juices flowing. Use cardstock pieces or scrapbook paper and book binder ring(s) to create one of a kind journals to use as you wish. I really love this idea for a few reasons. The first of course is that it is a more creative option which so many of us thrive on. But mostly, I love that it can give us a separate space for each devotional/kit we are working through. 
Use a Hymnal

While a hymnal may not have the margin space that your typical journaling Bible does, the music does create a beautiful background to work with! You can use the same techniques used in your Bible for this unique method of journaling. Because many churches are slowly doing away with regular hymnal use, you can often find them at thrift stores too which can make this a very budget friendly option.

Use Your Planner

I love my planners, and while I don't personally do any journaling/glam planning in my own it IS a great alternative. Use the kit elements to brighten your pages. Add your daily/weekly prayers or copy down the scriptures into your planner notes. Not only is this a great creative outlet, but it can help keep you both organized and focusing on God in the hustle and bustle of our busy days. 

Use a Canvas

Okay, okay... who else thinks of canvas and pictures a large easel with an oversized blank canvas. I don't know about you, but that sounds like an overwhelming thought for this non artist. In truth though, you can get canvases in a wide variety of sizes... as little as 4 x 4 inches at my local craft store! Even if you DO journal in your Bible but would like a way to display some of those same styles you love inside your Bible, this is a great way to do it. In fact, this month's 'What's True About You: Your Own Story' inspired me to do just that. Here is how I did it:

DIY Bible Art Mini Canvas

  • mini canvas
  • watercolor paints
  • clear sticker (from kit)
  • felt flower (from kit)
  1. For my canvas, I chose a small 4 x 4 inch. You can choose whatever size you are most comfortable with, but for me I knew the elements I wanted to use would be just the right size, without leaving too much extra room for me to fill. 
  2. After choosing my canvas, I started on my background. Obviously, a canvas is going to be completely different than what we are used to in a Bible or journal, so you might want to keep that in mind as you decide how to create yours. As I've said before, I'm not a natural artist, so I decided to stick with a very simple spattering technique with watercolor paints that I've used in my journaling before. This always creates a beautiful background with minimal skill required and I knew that it would work across all mediums so it seemed the ideal choice for me. 
  3. After the paint had dried it was time to add the elements from the kit. This kit features clear stickers which are ideal for projects such as this one, allowing JUST the words to show up. I loved this message, 'God is still writing your story'. Even better? Kits include TWO sheets of these stickers, so I loved that I can still use the other in my Bible as well. I also knew I wanted to incorporate the felt flower so I played around until I got the desired layout and then simply attached. It was a very simple way to bring these messages from Holley Gerth into my home in a beautiful way.

So you see, even if journaling IN your Bible isn't something you are comfortable with, there are still many ways to enjoy journaling outside of them and using Dayspring's kits in the process. More than anything, it is not the medium you choose to use but spending time in God's word and enjoying the devotional content in a creative way...whatever that might look like for you!

You can find the 'What's True About You: Your Own Story' kit at Dayspring now. (Visit this post for a more in depth look inside.)

Do you journal outside of your Bible? What other creative uses have you discovered for your Dayspring kits?


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