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Top 3 Reasons The New Dayspring Devotional Kit 'What's True About You:Your Own Story' Might Just Be the Best One Yet! #DayspringBibleJournaling

**Kit received as part of the Dayspring Bible Journaling Launch Team. This post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own.
Okay, okay... you've heard this one before, right? How many times have I sat down to share all about the new devotional kits from Dayspring each month and found myself saying it's a new favorite? Yes, I've said it before. A lot. And each time, it has absolutely been true... just when I think they cannot get any better, another devotional kit comes along that speaks to me right where I am and a new favorite is born. Isn't it amazing how God's timing works out that way?

But guys... truly and honestly, I do NOT know how this one will be topped! So, what makes it so fantastic? Today, I'm sharing my top three reasons:

1. It's written by Holley Gerth.

Honestly, I could stop this post right here. This is reason enough if you ask me! I have been a huge fan of Holley Gerth for MANY years, after discovering her through (in)courage, of which she was one of the co-founders. Reading 'You Are Already Amazing' truly felt as though it had been written just for me, as has every other book I've read by her since. She writes in a way that is like sitting down to coffee with a friend--- with all the words that I need to hear. Often. One of my very first Dayspring purchases ever was from a collaboration with Holley Gerth based on that book--- 3 wall prints and a coffee mug. To this day that mug remains my favorite and those prints hang over my dresser providing words of inspiration as I get ready each day. Though my love of Dayspring has grown over the years, when I saw that this new kit was based on Holley's newest book 'What's True About You' the excitement cannot be explained. Silly though it may sound, it felt like it was coming full circle. It was through Holley Gerth that I was truly introduced to Dayspring and now here is this kit with her words that I get to share with all of you! Excited is an understatement!

If you're already a fan of Holley Gerth, you are going to love having the chance to bring those devotions to life through journaling. If you've never read anything by Holley Gerth in the past, you will still love the messages within and may just find yourself wanting to read more. That brings us to the next reason:

2. The devotional content is beautiful.

Again, the devotions in 'What's True About You' are from Holley's newest book of the same name, also available to purchase via Dayspring. You do not need the book to use this kit, but if you'd like to expand upon what you've read, I love that we have that option. But... what is it all about?

This colorful, Spring themed bible journaling kit is full of words that will build your confidence, give you hope and help you meditate on God's Truth about who you are to Him. 

God says we're deeply loved and wonderfully made. Yet in the middle of our busy lives we lose sight of that. This kit will help you rest in the Words He has given us and let the lies fall away. 

Who we are to God. I feel we all need this reminder every once in awhile, don't we? We need to remember that God has a purpose for us wherever we are right now. These devotions will help us to dive deeper into that idea and remember that God is the author of our story and that He isn't finished writing it just yet. I am loving what I have read so far in these devotions and cannot wait to truly spend more time in reflection and journaling.

3. The gorgeous spring style is perfection.

Before reading the content and before knowing that it was written by Holley Gerth, I already fell in love with this kit just based upon the style alone. As we enjoy the spring weather, I love the stunning floral and the bright colors that this beautiful kit offers. Absolutely, positively gorgeous! Take a look at what's included in this kit:

  • 4 devotionals
  • 1 washi tape
  • 2 sheets of clear stickers
  • 10 coordinating paper pieces
  • 3 sheets of alpha stickers
  • 4 petite art prints
  • 1 What's True About You sticker
  • 1 Holley Gerth greeting card 
  • 2 felt flowers and 3 felt leaves
  • 4 Free Bonus Printable Pages (delivered via email)
  • 1 message from DaySpring
  • Packaged in a box with golden yellow tissue paper and a sticker
First and foremost, let's just talk about those felt flowers. GORGEOUS! This extra special piece truly takes the kit to the next level, and I have so many ideas to use them that I look forward to sharing with you. Another new addition? The petite art prints. These will be great for tip ins, with a solid backing ideal for journaling. They would also be great to pass along to a friend who needs encouragement or even to carry in your wallet to pull out when you need the extra encouragement yourself.

Aside from these, many of the elements are those we've come to expect from Dayspring: washi, die cuts, devotions, clear sticker sheets, etc. And you know what? Every last bit of it is absolutely beautiful. I love the encouraging words found on the washi. The die cuts are so bright and spring-like with great phrases I cannot wait to use. And the stickers? Beautiful. I tend to like clear stickers because they go so beautifully over whatever backgrounds you choose---allowing the colors to shine through effortlessly. There truly is nothing about the style of this kit that I don't absolutely love!

This is the first of two kits from 'What's True About You' and is available to purchase now at Dayspring. Head on over and grab yours today.


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