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Guide To Men's Jewelry: Tips & Types

Whenever we hear the word “jewelry”, we always think that it is only associated with women. We get a long list about the women’s jewelry collection such as chain, necklace, bracelets, earing, and the list goes on. But when it comes to a man, we only get one thing in our minds, a watch. But, the era has changed, there are plenty of options that men have to wear when it comes to accessories or jewelry. Just like the old days, men's jewelry is considered to be stylish and fashionable now.
While a woman can wear whatever she wants to according to the occasion, there are some specific guidelines for a man to follow while choosing or wearing a piece of jewelry. There are some common pieces of jewelry that men can wear like a ring, earpiece, tie pin, and watch. There is a rule about wearing jewelry, you should wear the same metal. It means any two metals you are wearing should be the same. For example, if you are wearing a gold or platinum or silver chain, you have to match it with gold, platinum or silver only. Do not mix and match the metal. This is key to mastering a put-together look.

Here we have some guidelines. We have covered 7 types of jewelry or accessories which are acceptable for men to wear and with explained guidelines.

  1. A Watch: Most men own more than one piece of watch. They like to invest most in the great timepiece. There is nothing more classic in a man’s wardrobe than his watch. This is probably the most important and popular jewelry for a man and acceptable to wear in all circumstances. But there are some general rules to follow while buying or wearing a watch. And the first rule is to buy a watch that fits you perfectly. Your watch should be of good quality like a nice metal or high-quality leather. Chose a watch which expresses your individuality and your style in a perfect manner.

Even men’s watches are classified into different types. Let's have a look at them:

     Everyday watch: A leather band watch or stainless steel watch can be worn every day.
     Smartwatch: Men’s jewelry list would be incomplete if we do not mention the smartwatch. These come in different styles nowadays making them fit for every occasion.
     Dressy watch: When it comes for a special occasion, it’s time to call for a stand out watch. But you have to master sophistication in that.

  1.  A Necklace/Chain: Chains are one of the most common jewelry that a man wears. They are not just available in gold and silver, but, now, they are available in diamond too. Diamonds are no longer something that only women wear. But keep it classic and basic. Do consider the length of the chain. Don’t keep yourself limited to only some designs, buy whatever you want to unless it suits you. Days have gone when only men use to buy diamonds for women. Consider your whole outfit while wearing a necklace. A diamond chain or necklace is an ideal gift for your partner. David Chapman from Frost NYC says that you may want to get your spouse’s input when choosing a diamond necklace as a gift for Valentine’s Day.

  1. A Ring: With the exception of a wedding ring, rings come in different styles and patterns, for example, class rings, decoratives rings, or rings that you can wear daily as an accessory. Wedding rings are acceptable everywhere, but other rings should be worn according to the place and situation. A classy ring will add charm to your look or you could pick a ring which has a personal meaning but does not show you as vain.
You need to choose a ring that goes with your personality and style. And it's not limited to the one ring. A man can wear as many rings as he can pull off confidently.  But the best advice is to keep it simple and timeless.

  1. The Earrings: Earrings have accepted a wide range of appeal over the last few years. Earrings, for a man, are quite visible. That’s the reason some men feel shy while having it, especially when they are working in corporate. But there’s an advantage of having an ear piercing. You can remove it when needed and wear your earpiece again.

  1. Cufflinks: Cufflinks are must for any formal occasion. Cufflinks come with a purpose to hold the cuffs in place. They are small but expensive and are commonly worn on French cuff dress shirt. There is a wide range of variety of cufflinks and you have to ensure that it must go with your style and should be simple and appropriate for the occasion like you can choose some sophisticated cufflinks that work for special occasions that go well with the occasion. There you find an opportunity to introduce a contrast with your cufflinks metal or material with another metal like adding pearl or diamond to your dress.

Let's discuss some style of cufflinks that you should be aware of while purchasing one:

        Hinged back: This is a very common style of the cufflink. It has decoration on one side and hinged bar which will link up with the accessory and gets installed on the shirt on the opposite side. It will hinge about ninety degrees in order to ensure that the cufflink remains where it is supposed to.
        Push through: The cufflink is very similar to the hinged back. It has one decorative side and the other side is a ball or a cap which will prevent the cufflink from slipping back into the hole inside the cuff.
        Snap-on: This cufflink has two different pieces per cufflink or it has one piece which wraps around the cuff near the holes.
        Chain: As the name suggests, the cufflink will have a small chain in place of the bar. This chain will connect both the sides and there could be a decorative side on one or both.
        Double sides: Basically a push through, or a snap cufflink with decoration on both its sides.

  1. Tie clip: It serves a practical purpose to keep the tie in place. This a small piece of jewelry that makes a big difference in your formal look. They are designed to be worn on a formal occasion. The most important thing to keep in your mind while buying is its size for the tie you have. Your tie clip should not be bigger or overhang the tie. It is a very simple line of silver or gold which meets the purpose and it is all about simplicity and class. Be sure to choose your metal wisely as it should go with the outfit you are wearing.

  1. A Bracelet: Man has worn bracelets for centuries. Like watches, you can wear them daily. There is a variety of bracelets for men to choose from. Buy a piece that matches your personality. A Bracelet is an accessory that reflects your personality and brings out the color in your outfit. A bracelet should be attractive enough to be a distinct part of your look. Stack a few pieces and wear them together to create a new style. Try to match them with the type of metal you are already wearing or try to match them with your watch.

What to avoid:

        Wear your jewelry with confidence. It is important to carry your confidence before carrying out any outfit or accessory. If you do not have the confidence of carrying jewelry, it will ruin the look and bog you down.
        Choose not to overdo your accessory. Your jewelry should be a complement to your outfit, not overpower your outfit. Wear accessories according to your outfit. Do not wear a lot of accessories.
        Pay attention to the environment. Make sure whatever type of jewelry you are wear must be appropriate to the place and environment. You need to think carefully about where you go to pick up the right accessories.
        Your skin tones play an important role while choosing a piece of jewelry. It is not important if something looks good on another person, it will also look the best on you. Your metal should be decided to keep your skin tone in your mind and before buying it, try once by wearing it.
        Wear jewelry according to your body. It is important that you wear the size of the jewelry that fits your body. It will make you look unfashionable.

A well-dressed man will always stand out of the crowd apart from the rest of the styling his jewelry in the best possible manner. Choosing a piece of jewelry for men is not easy.  Jewelry has its own symbol. That’s why you should be careful while wearing a piece of jewelry. Choose jewelry that is going to be with the occasion. Any piece of jewelry, when worn properly, add a great compliment to your outfit. Simplicity is the key, but don’t be afraid to experiment with it.  And above all these, you need to be confident about what are you wearing.


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