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Renovation Mistakes Every First-Time Home-Owner Makes

Renovation can be an exciting time for first-time homeowners. More and more home-owners are beginning to buy houses with renovations in mind, wanting their house to align with the design vision that they have in mind. However, in all the excitement and the rush to get the hard work done, there are a number of mistakes that can happen if home-owners do not do the appropriate planning.
Forgetting to Protect Furnishings
In the focus on your new design scheme, it can be difficult to remember the old furnishings that you want to protect. In the majority of cases, there will be certain elements of your house that you are keeping, such as the carpets or the curtains. It is important to protect these with dust-sheets and coverings at all times whilst work is being done. If your furnishings do become damaged while you are renovating, Top 2 Bottom Cleaning can help to make your carpets and furnishings as good as new with their team of highly-trained deep-cleaning professionals and modern equipment.
Setting an Unrealistic Budget
It can be easy to get carried away when you are renovating, and it is likely that however well you budget for the renovations, that they will cost at least 20% over that of your original budget. Therefore, you should ensure that you have leeway inside of your budget to ensure that you are able to complete your work and that you do not get a nasty shock when you add up your expenses. When setting up a budget, you should ensure that you have accounted for every cost, even those that may be hidden, and that you ask for quotes beforehand for any professionals you are using.
Attempting to Cut Costs
If you attempt to cut costs by undermining the basic value of the materials you buy, or looking for a cheaper company to work help you to renovate, it is likely that you will be unhappy with the end result. You may even find that the quality of work does not last as long, meaning that you will have to renovate again in a few years. Instead, you should only have work done that you can afford, and if not, you should have work done a little at a time to ensure that you are able to invest in the highest quality products.
Measuring Incorrectly
You should always ensure that you measure correctly to ensure that you buy the right products for your house. For instance, if you are renovating your flooring, you do not want to find halfway through the job that you do not have enough materials to complete the work. Additionally, you should ensure that you measure spaces correctly to invest in furniture that fits appropriately and is not too big for the spaces available to you. If you do not know exact measurements, it may be best to invest in more material than you need. 
No renovations will go completely smoothly, and you should be prepared for every eventuality. However, by taking the correct measures, every first-time home-owner can ensure that they conduct your dream renovations without issue.


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