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Introducing the ALL NEW Illustrated Faith Devotional Kits!

** Kit received for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own.
Have you heard the news!?

Illustrated Faith Devotional Kits are now available exclusively through IllustratedFaith.com!

That's right! While their partnership with Dayspring continues with their regular collections and more, the kits themselves are going home. With that, brings some exciting changes, and today I am excited to share those with you. Let's take a look, shall we?

“Hiya friends! I hope you will join us for this wonderful time together talking about the marks Jesus lays on our hearts and how we can document them in a beautiful and meaningful way!” 

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Mark Maker devotional (TN size) with 4 main devotionals and 16 Bible journaling prompts
  • 1 Mark Maker washi tape
  • 1 4×6 photopolymer Mark Maker stamp
  • 1 8.5×8.5 sticker sheet with perforated center perfect for adding to your traveler’s notebook!
  • 1 package of die-cuts designed for the Mark Maker kit
  • 1 kit hex sticker: Mark Maker
  • 3 pages of printables (graphics from the kit)

What's still the same?

If you've fallen in love with the previous Illustrated Faith kits (and more) from Dayspring, chances are you're going to love these new kits just as much, if not more. Each kit will still feature many of the great must haves we loved from before:

  • Great style. Each kit will vary just as they have in the past, but it's that same fun style we've come to love already! 
  • Washi. The washi is always one of the biggest hits in any of the kits in the past, so naturally it's not gone anywhere! 
  • Stamps. Another must have favorite that we have come to love and expect-- the larger 4 x 6 stamp set!

  • Stickers and Die Cuts. Both are fairly familiar elements from previous Illustrated Faith kits. The format/styles may have changed a bit, but overall I feel like these are still the same basic elements we have come to enjoy.

So, what's new?

While many of the basic elements have stayed the same or close to, the 'where to buy' isn't the only thing that's changed!  Other changes include:

  • The devotional. If you've been using (or following) these kits for awhile, you know that more than any other aspect, the devotionals have gone through several changes throughout the last few years. These new kits are going back to the favorite- traveler's notebook sized devotional books, packed full of great devotional content. But, they're not QUITE back to the original--- they've been elevated with full color interior and fun designs throughout! This is my absolute favorite change!

  • The packaging. Each kit comes wrapped in a kraft merchandise bag wrapped up with a bow and a thank you note tucked inside. If you ask me, there's something to be said about great packaging...and I love how personal this one feels!

  • The availability/shipping. Moving to the much smaller company means two things- one, the quantity of kits may be a little more conservative AND they might ship out a little bit slower. They'll be well worth the wait, of course, but something to be aware of when we're used to the quicker shipping. The smaller quantity available also means that you'll want to buy sooner. This first kit has actually already sold out, after just a few short days! But that leads us to the final big change:
  • The Digital Content. The last several kits have offered free digital content with purchase, but with the new kits not only do you still get this digital content free with the purchase...you can purchase the digital items separately! Perhaps the full kit isn't in your budget but you like the devotional content... or perhaps you're outside of the US where shipping isn't available... or as the case so happens, when the physical kit is sold out...you can still purchase all of these elements and work your way through the kit--- sans washi and stamps, of course! This opens up so many doors to those who may have previously been unable to do the kits for whatever reasons. Awesome.

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  1. I love these kit, the stamps are gorgeous! I love stamps and stickers. Thanks for πŸ’•sharing.


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