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Movies To Enjoy This Christmas Eve

I love a good Christmas movie! The magic, the feelings, the music... what's not to love?

There is no better way to spend Christmas Eve than watching a few of your favorites with the family. Today, I'm sharing a few that I am loving this year that you might enjoy too!

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  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The cartoon version, of course! It's a classic, but a must watch every year! 
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas. Another classic, but one my family loves. It's truly the perfect way to remind kids the true spirit of the season.
  • Home Alone. My son's favorite! It's got action, adventure, laughs... a movie the whole family is sure to love!
  • The Santa Clause. One of my personal favorites! I love the entire trilogy, but the first is definitely at the top of my list! 
  • Anything Hallmark. Seriously, just turn on your Hallmark or Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel for back to back Christmas movies filled with magic and romance. I truly cannot get enough. My favorite so far this year? 'A Shoe Addicts Christmas'! 
  • The Christmas Chronicles. If you don't already have Netflix, it's totally worth it to grab it for a month (or get a free trial) to check this one out. It's by the creators of Home Alone, so you can imagine all the fun holiday hi-jinks they manage to get into. We LOVED this one. (And while you're on Netflix, might as well check out the new season of Fuller House too, featuring a pretty fantastic Christmas episode to start!)

What are some of your favorites to watch during the holiday season? Which of these on the list are you looking forward too?


  1. These are good ones! It's A Wonderful Life will always be my favorite though! :)


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