Vampirina Ghoul Girls Rock {A Holiday Gift Guide Review}

**DVD received for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

My 5-year-old is absolutely, positively obsessed with Vampirina!

What's not to love though, right? A friendly little vampire girl who moves out of Transylvania and her monster friendly home to Pennsylvania. Adjusting to the human world? Now that's a little scary! It is filled with great fun, great songs and great lessons too! My daughter loved it from the first episode and can often be found running around the house in her Vampirina costume, just because.

Do you have a Vampirina fan in your home? Today, I'm excited to announce a brand new Disney release arriving to DVD November 6th, Vampirina Ghoul Girls Rock:

Follow Vampirina and her two best friends, Poppy and Bridget, as they take the stage and start their very own band: the Ghoul Girls!  Cheer them on as they travel to Transylvania for their first-ever talent competition and go on many more awesome adventures! Amped with six music-filled episodes, plus seven bonus animated shorts, Vampirina: Ghoul Girls Rock! soars to fang-tastic new heights as Vee and her friends learn how to find their inner ghoul and rock out! 

Episodes Included:
Vampire Weekend / The Bird Who Knew Too Much
The Ghoul Girls / Game Night
Oldie But a Ghouldie / Beast in Show
Vampirina Ballerina / Treasure Haunters
Home Scream Home
Countess Vee / Frights, Camera, Action!

Bonus Features:
Vampirina Ghoul Girls Rock! Music Video Shorts:
Living the Scream
Inner Ghoul
Transylvania Girls
Ghoul Glam
Boogieman Boogie
Everybody Scream, Everybody Howl
The Mummy Rap

This DVD is an absolute must have for any Vampirina fan. Die hard fans are going to love having a music filled selection of episodes to watch anytime they want, over and over again! The excitement on my daughter's face? Absolutely priceless! I can't help but think we need to pick up an extra copy so that we have a spare when this one inevitably is worn out by the constant play! 

Perhaps the most fun part of this particular DVD though are the bonus features. One of the things my daughter loves most about Vampirina has to be the music. As a matter of fact, her favorite birthday gift this year was her Vampirina guitar that plays various songs from the show. As much as she also enjoys watching each episode in its entirety, she also loves that she can just throw on the songs on their own, grab her costume and her guitar and rock out! 

Vampirina Ghoul Girls Rock! is the perfect gift for any child who just cannot get enough of their favorite vampire pal! In the stocking or under the tree, they are sure to go crazy for it! It will be available to purchase at your favorite DVD retailers on November 6.

Who is the Vampirina fan in YOUR life? Which song from the show is there favorite? 

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