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A Better December {A Book Review}

**Book received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own.
It's the most wonderful time of the year.

For some of us.

But for so many others, it's hectic. It's stressful. It's even a little bit depressing. Sound like anyone you know... or yourself? Today, I'm sharing a fun book that might just help change that:

Know someone FRAZZLED or SAD this Christmas? A Better December by Steve Estes applies Solomon s Proverbs to holiday stresses. Playful and tiny, this illustrated work would be a good gift for your unbelieving friends as it gently introduces Jesus during a month when they are more receptive. For All Who Long for True Comfort and a True Home. Combining true, heart-warming stories with pen-and-ink illustrations, the book uncovers and answers our December longings. Beginning with bite-sized chapters of Solomon s advice to frazzled, lonely people at Christmas, Steven Estes presents the ancient sage as penning his blockbuster Proverbs to help future readers through holiday stress and even sadness. Meant to be shared with all who long for a better December, it points the way to true comfort and a true home. A Better December is an ideal gift book for non-Christian friends and neighbors with a gradual, non-threatening introduction to the gospel."

This book is so fun! It's not a long read by any means... chances are you can even read it in one sitting... but it's got a great message despite it's length. It beautifully interweaves the stresses and craziness that is so often associated with this time of year with Proverbs from the Bible to help remind us the true spirit of the season in a fun new way. I think for many this book is going to be so relatable, and I love how real it is. Let's be honest, I love a good sappy Christmas movie as much as the next girl (okay, okay... my TV hasn't left Hallmark for two weeks straight), but the reality is, it's not always quite so magical in real life. This book offers humor and inspiration for a time that it is truly needed.

Need a quick read to help YOU have a better December? 'A Better December' is available to purchase now.


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