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Help Kids Go with a Pedia-Lax Prize Pack Giveaway {A Beautiful Moments Giveaway Hop Event}

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This post has been sponsored by Pedia-Lax®. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Motherhood is full of surprises! 

Before becoming moms, we all have this vision of what we think it will be like and the type of mom we will become but we very quickly find out that it not at all what we had expected. One of the biggest surprises that motherhood brings on?

How much of our lives as moms revolve around POOP!

Seriously ladies... could you ever have imagined in your unmarried, childless days talking about and thinking about poop as much as we do!?

It starts at a very young age. As soon as they arrive we find ourselves questioning everything:

  • Are they going enough?
  • Is this color normal?
  • Is this consistency normal?
  • What is going on HERE!?
Seriously, a look at my search history since my children were born would reveal more searches on the subject of #2 than I would care to admit.

There is perhaps no bathroom difficulty that is as hard---so to speak--- than dealing with a child who cannot poop! Constipation is no fun for ANYONE! It's painful for our little ones, and a moms, it can be heartbreaking to see our little ones in pain. We try juice, we try massaging their tummy, we try increasing their fiber... for milder cases these might be enough to get things moving, but sometimes children need a little help. Did you know that sixty-five percent of parents (children ages 2-11) have admitted to treating their child's constipation issues with an adult laxative. Unfortunately, reports have shown that one of the main ingredients in these adult laxatives can lead to behavioral and speech issues.

So, what are we as parents supposed to do to help our children deal with these issues? For those times, Pedia-Lax is a must have in every childhood medicine cabinet!

Pedia-Lax® is the only pediatric brand offering a full line of laxative products that are fast, safe and specifically made just for kids to help support digestive health and ease constipation. Pedia-Lax® products are available in a variety of forms to meet a child’s specific needs.
Pedia-Lax® Chewable Tablets are formulated for kids ages 2-11, come in a tasty watermelon flavor and provide quick relief (within 30 minutes) and last up to 6 hours. They offer a gentle relief without the painful cramping sometimes associated with laxatives.
When my son was younger, he dealt with constipation all the time. As I said, it was a very difficult thing to deal with as a parent. He would cry, and try as I might, nothing would help. Oh, the countless hours that were spent massaging his tummy hoping it would get things moving. While he no longer suffer that problem regularly, he and his sister both do have the occasionally issues, but this time we know about Pedia-Lax and can be prepared!

The kids love it because of the great watermelon flavor--- hey, it sure beats prune juice, right? The flavor makes it not just more bearable, but perhaps even a little bit enjoyable too. As a mom, I love that it works... and it works fast. With relief in as little as 6 hours, they can get back to doing what they do best right away! And no extra belly aches as a result! What's not to love?

Whether its from medications they're taking, foods they've eaten or just because, many kids will experience constipation at some point in their lives. For those moments, Pedia-Lax is a must in every medicine cabinet.

Learn more and connect at the links below:

Pedia-Lax Website
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And one very lucky reader is going to win a Pedia-Lax prize package including  a $25 virtual Visa gift card, and one (1) sample of Pedia-Lax® Chewable Tablets. Enter using the giveaway form below:

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  1. This would be great to use for my grandsons.

  2. This sounds like a great product for kids who experience constipation.

  3. My niece suffers from constipation and could use this!

  4. My niece suffers with constipation on a daily basis.She's tried so many different things.I feel so bad for her. My daughter & I both have IBS with constipation and its not fun.Thank you for the chance ☺

  5. Thank you, I always love a good giveaway!

  6. I love the flavors and that these are in a chewable form!

  7. The chewables will make it so much easier to get my four year old to take this. She will think it’s a gummy treat!

  8. Thank you for the chance! I am loving all these chances to win on this hop!

  9. I'm glad they have a product just for kids.

  10. I wish adult forms of this came in watermelon flavor, lol ;)

  11. I love the flavor choices! My email is traciemcooper0515@gmail.com

  12. I have seen many children use this product, that I take care of. Many moms are choosing it! I wish they would have had things this easy when my children were young!

  13. Sounds like this is a product that could come in handy sometimes!

  14. This is something I will keep on hand in case I need it for my grandkids.

  15. I'm going to pick up a bottle of this and keep it on hand -- never know when you will need it.

  16. subscribe email: slehan at excite dot com

  17. This would be handy to have if I had kids.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  18. That's scary that people have treated kids with adult laxatives.


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