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Do You Know What Talkspace Is? If Not, It's Time To Learn!

Virtually every human's goal in life is to live as happy as possible without being bogged down by the horrors of stress. Even though life is easier for humans than it has ever been before, the prevalence of mental health disorders is greater than at any point in the past.

Various indicators point toward the legitimacy of this phenomenon. One of the most widely-known factor is related to the overuse, abuse, and even moderated use of social media platforms; users tend to feel bad about themselves because their lives aren't as glamorous as other social media users make them out to be.

Some experts also believe that modern society's high incidence of mental health disorders like depression and anxiety is directly related to how little time we actually spend with others in social settings. The third-most popular train of thought behind this mental health epidemic of modern times is the unfortunate fact that most people don't spend much time outside; our long-lost ancestors spent all of their time outside doing things like hunting, gathering, running, and exploring, all of which release feel-good chemicals in our brains that keep us satisfied.

Far too many people face depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that roughly half of all Americans - both adults and children - will be correctly diagnosed with at least one mental disease or disorder throughout their lifetimes.

Mental health problems can often prove seriously detrimental to their victims. As a matter of fact, people diagnosed with mental health conditions pass away an average of 25 years earlier than their mentally-OK counterparts.

Unfortunately, many people who suffer from mental health problems don't know how to actively disrupt the cycles of self-doubt and endless internal questioning that anxiety is known to cause. They simply need to expand their toolboxes of mental health issue remedies and mitigants as related to anxiety. Further, it's also important to understand that at least some of the most common, distressing, and downright evil cycles of anxiety can be remedied far more easily than one could imagine when sufferers are well-informed about them.

Let's touch on catastrophic thinking

Catastrophic thinking essentially refers to bad, irrational thoughts that "snowball" on top of one another. In most cases, the initial thoughts are entirely rational.

For example, a college student might be worried about getting a project done on time. That person then might believe that if they turn the document in late, their overall class grade will be so irreparably damaged that they'll have to retake that class.

Even worse, that college student could engage in even further catastrophic thinking and wrongfully convince themselves that they'll be suspended from college for bad grades. Counselors are trained to provide workable tools to anxiety-ridden clients in the name of reducing such levels of anxiety.

The revolutionary online therapy app Talkspace is perfect for helping people through their chronic, already-diagnosed mental health issues as well as their non-plagued counterparts who are simply going through turbulent times.

Turbulent times includes catastrophic thinking, one of the most common particular problems people face from their anxiety disorders.

Do you know what Talkspace is?

Six years ago - in 2012 - a now-married couple based in New York City created Talkspace, an online therapy app that matches people like you with trained, certified, seasoned counselors and psychiatrists from around the United States.


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