Monday, September 17, 2018

Young Whit and the Traitor's Treasure {A Kids Chapter Book Review + Giveaway}

**Book received for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Books are a BIG deal in my house.

We love to read, and our book collections certainly reflect that. Our children's bookshelf is stacked beyond capacity with picture books and board books galore. Finding great 'little kids' books has always been very easy. But as my son has gotten older, it's become much more of a challenge. Finding books that an 11 year old boy will actually enjoy? Whew, that's tough... especially without involving some sort of potty humor.

We have to find books that are intriguing, something that teaches something but is still entertaining. Is that too much to ask? Today, I'm excited to share the first book in a new series that does just that: Young Whit and the Traitor's Treasure.

This Odyssey book series explores the history of the much-loved character John Avery Whittaker. The series introduces newcomers to the larger world of Odyssey. For readers who are already Odyssey-philes, the novels provide the history of the franchise’s most important character.
Whit and his family (father, Harold; stepmother, Fiona; half-sister, Charlie) have just moved to Provenance, NC, in the middle of the Great Depression. Harold will be teaching at nearby Duke University. Not-quite-10-year-old Johnny soon makes a friend in Emmy, who lives across the street and joins him in his adventures. At his new school, he encounters a bully who makes his life miserable, and he makes a new friend in Huck, the custodian. Both of them play key roles in the mysteries and action.
The central mystery in book 1 involves Confederate gold missing since the end of the Civil War and the question of whether Johnny’s ancestor was the coward and thief who stole it, as everyone believes.

If you have a kid who is already an Adventures in Odyssey fan, they are going to love having the chance to see one of their favorite characters John Avery Whitaker in a whole new light--- as a kid just like them. Never heard any Adventures in Odyssey stories? Not a problem. This series truly does stand on its own. My son has heard just a few Odyssey stories, not enough to have any true connection to the characters. Still, he enjoyed diving into this series.

Now, I must admit, my son has completely had the time to finish this book, BUT he's enjoyed it so far. We love a good mystery in our household, so this is right up his alley--- friendship, adventure, mystery... all the making of a great story. It's certainly the type of story I would have read as a child myself.

As a Christian mom, I love knowing that because it comes from Focus on the Family, the content is going to be perfectly appropriate for him at any age. Now, this is not something one would think they would have to worry about in children's books... but unfortunately, that is not always the case (especially when you have a child who reads beyond their age level!). Since I cannot read every book my child wants to read, it is a relief to say 'read this' and know that they won't be learning anything they aren't ready for, though you might still find you will enjoy reading it together anyway!

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