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Revival Camp: Commit & Courage

Week 8: Commit

Do you ever feel like sometimes the hardest part in ANYTHING we do... is simply making the decision to do it?

I know this is certainly true for myself. I have quite the knack of analyzing and over-analyzing every potential downfall before making any decision. I stress over it to the point that I so often talk myself out of it. Okay, sometimes this might have its advantages--- keeping me from making silly mistakes, but it can also keep me from doing things that could have been amazing. I don't ever want it to be said that I did not fulfill the plans that God had for me, simply because I refused to step into the water.

For this page, I knew that I wanted to use the paddle die cuts from one of the Revival Camp kits. I liked that step into the water/out of the boat idea so I hoped the paddles would help to represent that. I'd also had some fantastic burlap letters that I knew would look great with this kit so I added that simple message, 'Step In'. Perhaps the most fun aspect of this page for me was having the chance to do some embroidering in my Bible. This is a new technique for me (and one I'll be sharing more about soon), and I love how it turned out! I felt it really worked well with this camp theme.

Week 9: Courage

If my obsessive analyzing wasn't a good indication, courage is a tough one for me. These reminders to have courage are a must have for me often.

This particular devotion week was unique in that it featured not only Bible verses on the topic, but a song too, 'Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)'. This also happens to be my personal favorite song. I refer to it often when I need that encouragement to trust God and have courage. I have even journaled these lyrics on several occasions in the past, but I was excited to have a chance to do so all over again!

For this page, I wanted to do something different that I had done when journaling these lyrics in the past, so I tried something a little different for me. I created a handmade 'stencil' of sorts for a wave and used that in combination with a paint splattering technique that I often use for backgrounds. I then used a navy fine tip Sharpie to write the lyrics of the song into the wave. Now, I must say, it's far from perfect but I really loved creating this page.


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