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Get Organized This Fall with a Creative Journaling Set from Thunder Bay Press {A Giveaway Hop Event}

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Let's talk journaling! 

Sometimes when people hear the word journal, their mind goes to those 'Dear Diary' moments. Great for a tween, but as an adult? Well, seems a little silly.

But the reality is that journaling can be a great thing for people of ALL ages. It's not just a recording of the 'cute boy that talked to us today' as we so often visualize. It allows us to sort our thoughts. It keeps us organized. It gives us a creative outlet that we so desperately need.

And there are many types of journaling we can enjoy to best fit those needs:

  • Bible journaling
  • Prayer journaling
  • Journaling thoughts
  • Journaling goals
  • Journaling travels
  • Bullet Journaling
  • Art Journaling
Well... you get the idea! But, how do we get started? Today I'm sharing a fantastic set from Thunder Bay Press that is the perfect place to begin, 'Creative Journaling Set':

Create a journal in your own style with stickers, tape, and lots of color.
Capture your mood or record your thoughts in any way you like with the Creative Journaling Set! This fun kit comes with a 112-page journal and a 48-page project book full of ideas for decorating the journal pages. With the enclosed stickers, washi tape, colored pencils, and pen, journaling becomes a creative and rewarding activity rather than a chore. The journal can be used as a diary, a daily planner, an organizer, or anything else your imagination can produce!

I absolutely love this set! It's no secret that I personally love Bible journaling, and while I very much love doing that, I have found myself wanting to add in other types of journaling. You see, I can be a little bit... well, let's just say scattered. I'll blame it on the creative side of me... or the kids... hey, whatever it is, I feel like I am always forgetting something or struggling to keep my tasks and my thoughts organized. I know that creative goal-oriented journaling is a great solution, but every time I sit down to try to start, I find myself staring at a blank page... uncertain where to start. Bible journaling comes very easily to me... but this other avenue... well, I needed the little extra bit of inspiration to help get me going. This set provides just that.

The two most important items in this set are naturally the journal and the project book. The journal is adorable, and provides the perfect space for documenting all of your goals. It featured a great grid paper that is perfect for lists, calendars, doodles... whatever you journaling brings you way. The project book is what really makes this set though. Despite it's small size, it is packed full of great idea, tips and tricks to get us started. It offers inspiration on what to journal, as well as how to create unique pages that will keep us motivated.

The set also provides great tools to get started: washi tapes, colored pencils, a pen and a variety of stickers that focus on creating those goals and providing the inspiration to actually follow through. I love the bright colors, as I know I am a very visual person and those bright images tend to help keep me interested. 

Whether you're looking into starting a journal to track household goals, family goals, fitness goals or whatever... this set truly has everything you need to get started. You can grab your own today:

And as part of the Picture Day Giveaway Hop, over very lucky reader is going to win a copy of their own. Enter using the giveaway form below:

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  1. I have journaled my entire life as far as I can remember, it's great for your soul.

  2. my mom would love this!


  3. I love journaling, that's how I keep myself organized.

  4. This would be so great for the school year

  5. I love it. This journal set would be great to start the new year off right.


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