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Celebrate EVERY Moment Without Breaking the Bank {Hallmark Cards Now at Dollar Tree!}

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I love getting a card in the mail! So often I find myself heading to the mailbox with a sense of dread. I know when I get there I will be met with bills, bills and more bills. And okay, maybe a little bit of junk mail mixed in too. Where is the fun in that?

But when a card comes? Oh, I find myself filling with joy!

Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary or just because, it's a wonderful feeling to discover that someone has thought about you and took time out of their day to send you a simple card. It certainly is a nice break from those constant bills, right?

Sadly, the habit of sending cards has gone down in recent years. Have you noticed this in your own mailbox? Why the decline? If you ask me, there are perhaps two main things that contribute. First, social media and email. As a general rule it has decreased the need for long form letters and cards both--- allowing us to more easily and quickly connect to our loved ones no matter where they live. I suppose this makes sense, though I would still take a handwritten note in a card over a Facebook post any day!

But perhaps even moreso to blame- the cost of cards themselves! These days cute, quality cards can run around $4-5 just for a card! Some even higher! Factor in the cost of stamps... well, we have to be a lot more selective on who we send those cards to! Sending a card to every extended family member could easily break us at that rate. Even when looking for cards to include with a gift, I find myself thinking it's just not worth it! And like I said...I DO love cards! The expense? Not so much!

Sound like a familiar predicament? If so, I have great news to share with you:

Starting TODAY, August 30th, all 6,500 Dollar Tree stores nationwide will now be offering Expressions from Hallmark cards for $1 each, and Heartline A Hallmark Company cards for 2 for $1! To put this in perspective, the average suggested price for an Expressions cards is about $3.89- an almost $3 savings! And the average cost of Heartline? $2.39, making it a savings of nearly $2 per card! That cost savings that can really add up...and we're still getting the same high quality cards we have come to expect from Hallmark!

With hundreds of new greeting cards to choose from, we no longer have to pick and choose which ones to celebrate! We can celebrate EVERY moment with our friends and family without breaking the bank! They offer a wide variety of occasions such as new baby, birthdays, thank yous and many more! They even have some featuring some of our favorite characters!

As I said, these two fantastic lines will be available at ALL locations, but in addition to these, select locations will also offer some of their other lines such as Mahagony, Vida, Tree of Life or Joyfully Yours. Personally, I am MOST excited for the Joyfully Yours, A Dayspring Company! It is no secret by now that I LOVE Dayspring. During the holidays and throughout the yer, I love how their cards are not just cute, but truly do allow me to express my faith in the best way possible no matter what the occasion may be, big or small.

But perhaps you're wondering... what's the catch? These can't truly be the same quality cards at such a great price... can they!? But they truly are! I compared these new cards available at Dollar Tree with my Dayspring and Hallmark cards bought directly from the company (at a much higher cost), and there truly is no difference. It's the same great cards, but at a price that allows us to celebrate MORE.

Dollar Tree has been my go to for party supplies and gift wrapping for MANY years, and now I am so excited that I can find my favorite cards there too! It now truly is my one stop shop without breaking the bank!

Excited to start shopping Hallmark at Dollar Tree? Head on over to your local store today...or visit www.DollarTree.com to see more!

Have you had to sacrifice sending cards due to cost? Who will you send cards to this year thanks to these Hallmark cards from Dollar Tree? 


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