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7 Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventures You Can Have in Greece

Some of us like to go on vacation to do nothing. After slaving away in the office and living our hectic lives back home, vacations are when we put our feet up, grab a drink, and remain horizontal as much as possible. For others, this is pretty much their worst nightmare. For these people, getting away from the daily grind means stretching their legs and getting their heartbeat racing. If you fall into the latter category then carry on reading. If you fall into the first category but want to change up the way you vacation then also carry on reading.  

Greek luxury vacations are easy to come by and a lot cheaper than many other parts of EuropeJust a few clicks will find you a private villa, with a beach but a stone’s throw away and restaurants nearby that serve food the best food you’ve ever eaten. It’s all going pretty well so far. But, you’re not sure what to do with your time when you’re not stuffing yourself with feta. You want adventure.  

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Greece is brimming with adventure, both on its mainland and on its islands. Here are seven amazing, once-in-a-lifetime adventures you can have on your vacation to Greece. 

1. Scuba Dive Through the Dragonisi Island Caverns 

When it’s too hot to be outside, instead of retiring to your air-conditioned room, strap on an oxygen pack and plunge into the cool, clear water of the Aegean Sea. The Dragonisi Island caverns are known as one of the best dive sites throughout the entire Greek archipelago. The caverns are the results of millennia of erosion and swimming through them allows you to see vivid anemones, coral and all different kinds of fish. If you’re lucky you might also catch a glimpse of an elegant monk seal.  

Once you’ve finished diving here, there are plenty of other dive sites you can visit, including various shipwrecks and Shinaria Beach, which is home to gigantic manta rays.  

2. Tour the Acropolis in Athens 

An Acropolis is the term given in Greek to the highest point of a city. In Athens, the Acropolis has become one of the world’s most famous ancient sites as it is the home to the Parthenon. This temple was dedicated to Athena, the goddess of warfare and wisdom and the patron of Athens. While the temple is not quite in the same state it would have been it is glory days, it is still beyond impressive and definitely deserves some of your time 

There are paths that cut through the Acropolis allowing you to stroll through the entire area and soak up the fantastic history and architecture.  

3. Hike Up Mount Olympus 

Mount Olympus might look like any old mountain, but it is entrenched in mythology and symbolism, making it completely unique and highly mystical. You don’t need a classics degree to know that in Greek mythology Mount Olympus was the home of the gods. Watching Disney’s Hercules will tell you that much. Hiking to the top is physically demanding but highly rewarding as the views of the surrounding nature are truly sublime.  

Most people take two days to complete the hike. Setting off very early on day two is the best way to reach the summit before clouds come in and obscure your views. 

4. Trek Through the Samaria Gorge 

Extending for 16 kilometres (10 miles), the Samaria Gorge, on the island of Crete, is one of Greece’s most staggering natural wonders. Sheer cliff faces loom up on either side while a cool stream trickles through the middle. Look up and you’ll see nothing but a strip of azure sky. At parts the gorge is a mere four metres wide! If you plan on trekking here, make sure you lather up with bug spray or you may be stuck with lots of itchy mosquito bites. 

Trekking through the gorge can take anything from one to seven hours depending on how much of the gorge you want to see. 

5. Explore the Melissani Cave 

On the island of Kefalonia is the mysterious Melissani Cave. This cave is filled with fresh, clear water that is illuminated by sunshine streaming in through a hole in the roof. To access the water, visitors must climb through underground tunnels, filled with stalagmites and stalactites. Once you arrive at the water, hop into one of the small row boats and float along the water of this underground lake. The serenity of the cave as the sunlight glistens off the water is out of this world. 

6. Hike Along the Corfu Trail 

This is the ultimate adventure on the Greek Island of Corfu. Established in 2001, this trail stretches 220km (137 miles) across the entire length of the island. It winds through sleepy villages and along coastal cliffs, the whole while giving you the most outstanding views of the island and its surrounding water. It would take you well over a week to walk the entire route, so why not just pick a section that interests you and cover that.  

7. Ski Down Mount Parnassos 

Greece probably isn’t the first place that springs to mind when you think about skiing vacations. Its warm climate would suggest that snow is not all that common there. For the most part, this is correct. However, rising up 8,000ft, the mighty Mount Parnassos sees a generous sprinkling of snow every year, making Greece an excellent ski destination. All in all there are dozens of miles of runs ranging from the mildest of inclines to extremely difficult.  

Among the most popular resorts are KellariaFterolakkaYerodovarhos, and KalavrytaKalavryta is the closest to Athens, making it the most accessible but also the busiest.  

The list of adventures you can have in Greece is virtually endless. While my list is not comprehensive, it should give you some inspiration to help you build your Greek vacation itinerary. I hope your vacation is filled with thrills, adrenaline, and nature that is too beautiful for words.  


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