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What's New With The Illustrated Faith Devotional Kits? {An In Depth Look at July's Revival Camp Kit} #IllustratedFaith #BibleJournaling

**Product received for consideration as part of the Illustrated Faith Launch Team. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

It's time for the reveal of the newest Illustrated Faith kit, and I could not be more excited! For many, this release was long anticipated. Perhaps many of you have found yourself wondering: why the wait?

Throughout the last few years, the kits have gone through their fair share of changes. Things were added, things were taken away, things were changed to fit the needs of all of us. Having been using these kits since nearly Day 1, there have been many things that I loved about each version... but many things I'd missed from previous versions as well. I wasn't the only one. But the greatest thing about Dayspring is- they LISTEN! They heard what we liked, what we missed, and how the current kit was falling short for many. And they didn't just listen- they did something about it!

They halted their previously planned productions and started from scratch to give us what WE wanted! And the result? Well, I think it's pretty amazing, take a look at July's kit, 'Revival Camp'.

Have fun unpacking this July Illustrated Faith 'Revival Camp' devotional kit that features four encouraging devotionals on exploring, prayer, fellowship, and heart.  "Enjoy exploring in the Word and have fun with this Revival Camp kit!"  —Shanna Noel  

  • 1 camp sticker
  • 4 2"x2" patches with cloth bag
  • 1 washi tape
  • 1 4"x6" sheet of clear stamps
  • Alphabet stickers
  • 1 sheet of diecut pieces
  • 4 devotionals
  • 1 surprise 'Trail Mix' from Shanna
  • 1 thank you card from Shanna
  • Packaged in a box with pink tissue

So... what's new? What's different?

 First and foremost, let's start with the devotionals. This is an area that found a lot of varying opinions--- even just from within my own Bible journaling group. Some thought the original devotional books were a little too long... while others felt the more recent devotional postcards were lacking in content. The new devotionals are right there in the middle... more in depth as we came to expect in those earlier kits, but only one for each week, as we'd seen in the newer. In this particular kit, each is written by a different writer which is fantastic to offer different styles. They are loose, not in a book like before which can be great for using as a tip in, OR can be placed in a travelers notebook (that can be purchased with the kit or on its own).

Next is something I am personally very excited about--- the alphabet stickers! This was something from version #2 that I absolutely loved and missed. I am not great at hand lettering so alphabet stickers are a MUST in my journaling. The downfall of letter stickers? You always start to run out of letters in the midst of our journaling! The Es and the As are always the first to go. This kit came with FIVE sheets of stickers meaning we will get a LOT more use out of them! And of course this pale green style will look great too!

Another favorite that has been brought back is the full size stamp sets. Stamps have always been a part of these kits from day one, but in the most recent version they'd downsized to a mini set. They were cute... but certainly more limited. This new kit has brought back the stamps we love, from their original manufacturer for better quality. And let me tell you--- this stamp set might be my absolute favorite YET!

To go along with the camp theme, this kit also includes some fun patches to go with each week's theme. These can be used in your Bible or for any fun crafting project. I must admit I've never used patches in my journaling, but I am loving this fun addition and looking forward to trying something new.

Perhaps the most fun addition is the 'Trail Mix' put together by Shanna Noel (creator of Illustrated Faith) herself... a hodge podge of elements that we can use in our journaling. This time that meant a cute sticker, a bit of ribbon, some buttons and a cute little tag. The elements themselves are adorable and will look great with the rest of the kit, but more than anything, I love this personal touch. It's like getting Happy Mail from Shanna!

The final change? The packaging and price... no more envelope pouch or zipper pouch, but back to a classic box, wrapped in tissue paper. The cost has increased by about $5, but for all the new elements, I feel like this is STILL a much better value!

So, a lot has changed... but what hasn't?

The washi! All kits (except one) from the beginning have featured washi and it has always been one of my favorite things each time. This version still features washi, though this month's is actually from Freckled Fawn, created exclusively for Illustrated Faith. I have used other products from Freckled Fawn in the past, and they are great quality, so I enjoyed seeing them featured! And seriously, how fabulous is this wood grain design?

This kit also features the die cuts as in previous versions, though they have changed a bit. Rather than pre-cut, they are on a sheet to be punched out. A little bit of extra work there, but the fun new designs more than make up for that!

Did you know that when you purchase your kits from Dayspring you also receive a fun digital printable to take your journaling even further? That's not going anywhere either. It is packed full of fun elements that perfectly coordinate with the Revival Camp theme. It will be emailed after your purchase of the kit!

And what exactly is 'Revival Camp'?

Those who have been following Illustrated Faith are already familiar, but for those who are new to Bible journaling, Revival Camp is a series that Illustrated Faith puts together each and every year. This camp theme devotional is the perfect way to enrich our faith this summer and beyond... and this is the first time EVER that there is an actual KIT to go along with it! How exciting is that?

It's not just ONE kit though. This is the first of THREE Revival Camp kits to come. July, August and September kits will all work together for a fun camp experience. They will all be a little bit different-- different elements, some different colors and of course different themes, but all will coordinate beautifully. I cannot wait to go on this adventure over the next few months, and I hope that you will join me.

July's kit is now available to purchase at Dayspring. Remember, you can save 25% through August 2nd only with the code THANKYOU! Hurry over to purchase yours today! 


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  1. I believe that these items are so nice to get children interested in reading their bibles!!


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