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Meet Your Fitness Goals With Find Your Trainer #sponsored

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Are you trying to lose weight and/or get fit?

Many of us are, aren't we? We download apps, buy some videos, start a new diet plan, maybe even try supplements that are aimed to help us meet those goals.. and yet so often so many of us find ourselves falling short. The reality is, sometimes we need that extra help. The kind of help that we can get through a personal trainer.

Now, I'm one who usually doesn't like the idea of hiring someone to do something that I can do for myself... and if I can find meal plans or workout plans online... isn't hiring a trainer kind of a waste?

Simply put, NO! Sure, finding these plans can be simple enough... but not all workout plans are created equal, just as all bodies are not created equal. One person may do GREAT with one plan and meet their goals easily... but someone else might follow it to the letter and still see no results at all. This is where a trainer can come in.

A personal trainer is trained to be able to look at your unique needs and tailor a workout plan that is just for YOU. They can help you work through plateaus, avoid injuries and find ways to continue challenging your muscles in new ways. And of course, they help you to stay motivated as well. Not only because you're not going at it alone, but because hey... if you're paying someone to help, you're going to want to follow through with that, right!? Is it any wonder that those who utilize the services of a personal trainer are more often successful in meeting their goals? 

So, now we know the why... but how do we find a good personal trainer in your area?

Today I'm excited to share a website that allows you to do just that, Find Your Trainer! Here are the top reasons why Find Your Trainer is the BEST way to find a trainer in YOUR area:

  • No Sign Up Fees. Find Your Trainer is free to join. There are no sign up fees, no membership fees and no hidden fees to be aware of. You will pay ONLY for the sessions that you book.
  • No Gym Membership Required. Find Your Trainer allows you to train at some of the best gyms or training studios with no gym membership or guest fee required! 
  • Options to fit your need. There are different options available on Find Your Trainer to best fit your personal needs. There are two types of trainers you can choose from: in-home trainers and gym-based trainers. In-home trainers come to you and train you in your home, building gym, hotel, office, or outdoors which can be a great option for those with a busier schedule. Gym-based trainers train you at the gym listed in their profile. 
  • Trainers Are Vetted. Each trainer listed on the website is vetted by Find Your Trainer so you don't have to. You can rest assure that you are getting a quality trainer that meets their requirements.
  • Money Back Guarantee. They believe in the trainers listed so highly that if you are not satisfied with your session for any reason, they will refund the full price of your session... so really, what do you have to lose?
Ready to start actually meeting those fitness goals? Head on over to Find Your Trainer to get started today. Use the code GETFYT to save $50 off your first purchase!


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