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Using A Paper Planner in a Digital World {Top Reasons Why Planners Rock + A Look At Dayspring's New Illustrated Faith Agenda Planner}

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I love a good ol' fashioned planner.

Yes, I know there are many digital planners out there... apps for your phone or tablet that can send reminders of upcoming events, etc. But if you ask me, nothing works as well as a basic physical planner. They just make more sense. Today I'm sharing my top 5 reasons why using a paper planner works better for so many- myself included.

1. You can see the big picture. Anytime, anywhere.

I love flipping open my planner and seeing exactly what I have scheduled for the entire month. No buttons to push, no scrolling, just open and done. To me, I find this much more readable than a screen, especially if I can use simple stickers to note doctor's appointments, birthdays, etc... allowing me know even quicker at a glance what is going on. Some people even use different colored pens to keep it even more organized.

Aside from that, I can take my planner absolutely anywhere! I don't have to worry about my battery dying or having no signal on my device. It's just easier!

2. They allow you to be creative.

Ever heard of glam planning? This trend of using fancy stickers and washi tape in your planners can be a great way to stay organized while still letting your creativity shine through. Now, I must admit that I don't do glam planning myself, BUT I do love being able to have fun with cute stickers and post its. I find when an otherwise mundane task (like staying organized) is a little more fun, it keeps me motivated to keep up with it.

3. You'll remember more, and get more done.

I have the WORST memory. My kids in fact like to tell me I have a memory like Dory. Well, they're not wrong. For me, one of the greatest things to help me remember is taking the time to write it all down. This is something I've done for a long time--- even in high school, my best studying technique was just to write and rewrite my notes. Something about that act of physically writing helped it to sink in a little better. Now, I have tried digital calendars as well, but I found typing- for whatever reason- just doesn't have that same impact.

I also love that with the planners I use, I don't just have the monthly calendar, but also spaces for daily to do lists. This helps keep me more organized and on track so I can truly get more done--- without losing my mind.

4. You can show off your personality/style.

One of my favorite things about a great planner is that you can choose from so many different styles. You can keep is super simple with a very basic planner, or choose one with cute deigns that best fit your own personal style. If you're going to carry it with you everywhere for the next year, shouldn't it reflect who you are?

5. You can capture the memories.

For many, a planner can double as a memory keeper-- with places to write notes on the day, add in your prayer requests, etc. You can journal inside (see #2), OR clip in pictures, tickets and other paper keepsakes that you can look back on.

Sounds like some great reasons, right? But which planner is the best? Again, there are many great planners out there to fit your own needs and styles, but for ME, my go to are the Illustrated Faith 18-Month Agenda Planners from Dayspring.

These 18 month planners start in July and go until the next December, meaning you won't have to replace quite as often, which is a huge plus for me. They also perfectly fit my personally planning needs. Each month starts with a monthly calendar that gives me a complete overview on the month ahead, but is also broken down into weeks with places for daily notes. This will be the third year I have used one of these planners, and they continue to be my go to because of the layout alone.

But they're also super cute! The cover features a fun 'Just Give Me Jesus' design that is 100% my style. Of all of my previous planners, this might be my favorite cover look. Inside are lots of bright colors and fun designs--- just what we've come to expect from Illustrated Faith. I love that each month begins with a beautifully illustrated Bible verse, reminding me that no matter my plans, to keep God at the center of it all. It's fun and creative without anything extra--- though there is certainly room to do some glam planning as well, if that's your thing!

Ready to buy one yourself? All new Agenda Planners are now available to purchase at Dayspring.

AND right now you, Agenda planners will be $10 off with code AGENDA10! Deal ends August 17th, so hurry over! 


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