Thursday, July 12, 2018

Choosing A Styling Iron That Gives Your Hair a Great Look

Trying out different hairstyles has become a passion for women these days. It has become much easier with the introduction of flat irons and curling irons in the hair care industry. The trend for straight and curly hair keeps changing and recently the trend for curly hairs have been seen in popular celebrities. With the help of a good iron for curling, you can easily try out exciting styles on your hair such as tight curls or large waves. Let whatever be the style you wish to acquire on your hair, the health of your hair is highly important. When using a thermal styling tool on your hair, you are risking your hair to serious damages that can sometime ruin your hair forever. Therefore, great care has to be taken while choosing a curling iron for everyday use. 

Types of Curling Irons

There are two types: 

  1. Spring or Spiral - Good for everyday life and is inexpensive  
  2. Marcel - Designed for professional use. Not as user-friendly as the spring/spiral curling iron. 

Technology and Barrel Feature 

The technology of the barrel is a very important component. There are 5 major technology features: 

  • Teflon - Eliminates frizz and creates soft bouncing curls by distributing the heat evenly throughout the barrel 
  • Ceramic Ionic - Creates silky shiny hair immediately while eliminating frizz 
  • Tourmaline - Infused into the plates is tourmaline which delivers negative ions to neutralize the hairs positive charge. This in turn creates smooth, calm, shiny hair strands. 
  • Metal - Less expensive, heavier, can take up to 5 minutes to reach full heat 
  • Titanium - Hard yet smooth surface, lightweight strength, durable, static free hair, evenly distributes heat across the hair 

Unlike the conventional tools for curling that could easily damage your hair with uneven or overheating, the latest ceramic models are known for its professional quality that offers maximum protection of the hair from the extremity of heat during styling. Ceramic stylers are noted for their salon quality results and advanced safety features that help in reshaping or creating beautiful curls on any type of hair without damaging any single strand.  

Adapting the innovative ceramic technology, these devices are highly preferred for the safety and quality that it delivers on your hair. The barrels of these rods are manufactured with advanced ceramic material that emits a number of negative ions that can cancel the positive effect of heat. 

Ceramic rods are also efficient in locking the hair cuticle while styling, so that even the most sensitive hairs are protected from the extreme heat of the device. As a result, they can help in retaining the natural moisture of your hair. It also removes frizz and damaging spots and brings out smooth and super curled hair that lasts longer as compared to conventional tools. 

You should choose the styling tool according to the type of your hair. The type of curls you wish to accomplish on your hair is also a matter that determines while choosing a specific curling iron. For small curls, opt for curling iron with smaller barrel and vice versa. The heat control feature of the device also matters. Make sure that the device has a variable or adjustable temperature setting feature. There are many other added features to look for. 


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