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Only One Life: A Book Review + Giveaway

**Book received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own.

When I was in high school, I heard and fell in love with a song by Nichole Nordeman called 'Legacy':
I want to leave a legacy,   
How will they remember me? 
Did I choose to love?  
Did I point to you enough? 
To make a mark on things 
I want to leave an offering 
A child of mercy and grace  
Who blessed your name unapologetically 
And leave that kind of legacy.

Throughout the years, that song has stuck with me. It is a song that I want to live my life by--- leaving behind a legacy of being faithful to God.

But what does that look like? Does it mean that we have to do BIG things? Impact a TON of people? Today, I'm excited to share with you a book that is all about that legacy that we leave behind, 'Only One Life':

Life keeps us running so fast and frenzied that we often lose sight of each day’s holy potential. Yet as a woman loved and called by God, your ordinary everyday matters more than you could possibly imagine.
Your choices today shape the legacy you leave for future generations. You are part of a story that has existed long before you and will long outlast you. And you can play a unique and irreplaceable role.
In Only One Life, mother-and-daughter team Jackie Green and Lauren McAfee invite you to join the company of women God is using to change the world. Through vivid portraits of women of the Bible, women of history, and women shaping the world today, you will discover how God multiplies seemingly small daily offerings of faithfulness. Come and see your own story reflected in the lives of women such as:

  • Mary Magdalene, the first witness to Jesus’s resurrection.
  • Catherine Booth, an early apologist for women’s rights and co-founder of the Salvation Army.
  • Christine Caine, a contemporary speaker and human rights activist
  • And other ordinary women who have done extraordinary things, including Harriet Tubman, Queen Esther, Lottie Moon, and Joni Eareckson Tada.
Building a legacy through your “only one life” is not a calling for the elite few. It is a calling for you—as a woman with unique capacity to shape the future through your faith, family, gifts, and leadership. Only One Life will encourage and empower you to develop grit, grace, and the long view—able to change your world forever—starting today.

Oftentimes I think we feel as though we are too small to make a difference. We are just moms... we're not going out on mission trips, we're not preaching behind the pulpit, we're not selling our stadiums.. we are just going through our day to day raising our children. What impact are we truly having?

I love that this book reminds us that no matter our jobs, no matter where we live, we have the ability to impact lives through even small acts living our lives for God. We ALL have the ability to serve as a role model for generations after us. Think about your own role models. Are they famous women? Or women within your own life? For me, I must admit they are women in my real life--- my mom and my great grandma. Neither have done anything that might make others write books about them, but they have shown ME the way I hope to live my life--- ever faithful as women of God. If you struggle with this idea--- the idea that you are not doing enough, that what you do does not seem to matter--- this book is a must read! It is absolutely fantastic! I love that it looks at not just stories of women in the Bible, but women throughout history and even women today as well. It's a very easy read, with a great message that I think that we as women often need!

'Only One Life' is available to purchase now at your favorite Christian book retailers.

And one very lucky reader is going to win a copy for themselves. Enter using the giveaway form below:


  1. This book sounds so amazing to me and I would love to read it for myself. I use to know a woman named Catherine Booth, an early apologist for women’s rights and co-founder of the Salvation Army. She passed many years ago and was from Rockford,IL. (what a small world that we live in)

  2. This book sounds like a great read. I would be very interested in it!


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