Wednesday, July 4, 2018

100 Days of Bible Journaling: Days 78-84

Day 78: God Delivers You Through Trials

Do you ever feel like life is just one trial after another? I know I do. In the past week, my weekly income went down, my rent went up and my dryer broke. To say I've been struggling with my anxiety... well that's an understatement. But if we think about that story of Daniel in the lion's den we are reminded that no matter what trials life throws at us, God is right there beside us, helping us through.

For this page, I was excited to use a new clear cut I'd just gotten with the statement 'God is within her, she will not fail'. I thought this was the perfect message to remind myself that God is always there, always helping us to overcome.

Day 79: God Is Good, So Let's Give Thanks

After one day thinking about trials, it's great to follow it up with a reminder to give thanks to God. This is a reminder that is given MANY times through the Bible 'Give thanks', 'with thanksgiving'... we see these phrases so many times. And not just in the good, but always. In all circumstances, at all times, in all places.

For this page, I created a tip in using a clear cut sheet, some washi and alphabet stickers. Now, I'll be honest--- sometimes when I'm doing my journaling, mistakes happen... sometimes my markers bleed through, or paint splatters from a different page, etc. On this particular page there was a small tear... not major, but one that made me not want to attempt to paint or anything. This is a GREAT time to use tip ins to cover up those mistakes.

Day 80: God Will Grant You Wisdom

Aren't we all just looking for a little wisdom? That's why self help books are always such a huge hit, right? We're all just looking for wisdom to get us through life. But the Bible tells us that if we seek wisdom, God will grant it... we just have to look in His word to find it.

For this page, I wanted my page to represent studying the Bible and how we gain wisdom in that way. Again, I had this new clear cut pad that featured the image of a pencil holder. This reminded me of the long nights studying as a student and so I used that idea to create this simple but bright page.

Day 81: Help Is There- Just Ask!

I have to be honest, I'm awful about asking for help. So often I feel like I have to do everything on my own. Perhaps that comes from having lived away from family for so long and never having the opportunity for help... or maybe it's the perfectionist in me that doesn't like to give up control on how things are done. But none of us can do it all alone, we have to turn to God to help us through.

For this page, I decided I wanted to create a page to write my prayer requests on (after taking photo). I've done a few other prayer request pages and I love doing these because it gives me a fun little space to write down my personal prayer requests.

Day 82: Perfect Hope, Perfect Peace

This is a message that has come up time and time again in this journal--- hope, peace. I love that this message reminded us that God does not just provide us with a little bit of hope or a little bit of peace... no, He provides us with the most perfect hope and peace, that only He can.

For this page, I had some fun with the colorful background and some simple lettering. It may not be my most in depth page, but it was fun.

Day 83: Your Biggest Cheerleader

Wouldn't it be nice if we always had our own personal cheerleader, cheering us on. 'You got this!', 'Go you!', 'Go, fight, win!'... but ultimately we DO have the ultimate cheerleader on our side: God. He is there every step of the way and wants us to overcome. He wants us to do be our best.

For this page, I really wanted to play up on that idea of a cheerleader... I considers megaphones, pom poms... all those typical cheer images. But in the end, I didn't have die cuts (nor the ability) to do any of that so I went with some fun banners. I also loved the idea that even when we're not AT our best, God is cheering us on--- working on us one step at a time.

Day 84: Don't Be Anxious About Tomorrow

Remember what I said about Day 78 and the never-ending trials? Oh yes, they cause a lot of anxiety and I find myself worrying about bills and repairs and... well, you get the idea! When I opened my journal the morning after my dryer breaking and found this page... well, it was just another prime example of God's perfect timing that I have seen so many times throughout these 100 days.

For this page, I kept it simple and just let that message speak for itself...a simple reminder that I can turn to as often as I need it. This ended up being my favorite page of the week, perhaps because it did come at such a perfect time.


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