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Go Back To School In Style with Minted {#sponsored}

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Ah, the last weeks of summer! While it seems like the season just began, suddenly we see those carefree days winding down... the days are getting shorter and shorter, the vacations are coming to an end, it has come time that we start settling back into our every day routines as we prepare to head back to school. It is time to get back to busy!

That also means back to ORGANIZED! With the new school year starting, why not start it off the right way? Today, I am excited to share how Minted can get us back to school on track AND in style too with these great back to school products:

Invest in a Calendar.

A good calendar is a MUST for back to school and throughout the year. While our summers may be a little bit more relaxed-if we were lucky- back to school can often mean a lot of extracurricular activities. Sports, clubs, meetings... you name it! A good calendar will help us keep it all organized! Have a family calendar located in a central location so everyone can see at a glance just what is on the schedule for that month. Individual calendars are also great too!

Minted offers a great variety of custom photo calendars that will help keep us all on track. I love the personal touches of these calendars... it gives me a great excuse to show off pictures of my kids, and honestly, I'll take that excuse ANY time!

Write It Down.

I am a LIST person. I need to write it down and check it off. Whether that is for my blog planning, shopping, church obligations or anything that life throws at me, if I have not written it down it's as good as lost in this memory of mine. For me notebooks and journals are a MUST. I love a good journal sized notebook that I can easily toss in my purse and go. I also love a fun design to help make things a little more interesting and keep me motivated.

I love the personalized notebooks available at Minted. They offer a variety of styles to match whatever your or your child's personal preferences are. You can even get a matching day planner to complete the set.


I don't know about YOUR kids, but mine lose EVERYTHING. Like seriously, my son somehow managed to lose FIVE lunchboxes in one year... how is this even possible!? And so, I've learned... you MUST label everything. From lunchboxes and backpacks to notebooks and folders! Sure, you can just write it down... but label stickers give an extra sense of style and personalization...am I right?

I love the Custom Name Labels from Minted because they truly DO have something for everyone, young and old. I've looked at (and even purchased) from other brands in the past but found many are geared towards a much younger audience. At some point, our kids will outgrow this, at least in their eyes. Minted offers a great variety of both fun and classic looks that truly can be ideal for preschool or college alike!

Take Note.

I'm always writing notes throughout the school year... notes to the teacher, notes to my child, even notes to myself. So a cute stationary is a MUST. I think the art of a cute custom stationary can get a little bit lost in this age of technology... but it's something we should consider getting back to. Personally, I just cannot get enough of that personal touch!

Minted also offers a variety of personalized stationary. These are great for teachers, moms and yes, even kids too! Set yourself apart and have fun with these fun options. Love Lunchbox notes for the littles? They even have some free printables that are sure to brighten any child's day.

As you can see, Minted has everything you need to get back to school in style, whether it's as a mom, a student OR a teacher. These are not your typical school supplies, but truly make it all about YOU--- your needs, your style, your way! You can see all of these and more at the link below.

And through July 30 only, you can save 30% off Calendars and Photo Gifts and 15% off Back to School Essentials with the code B2SCHOOL. Hurry over while it lasts!


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