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From Nursery To Big Kid Room:Tips For Decorating Kids Rooms With Style & Intention {+ Check Out New Pennants From Dayspring}

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Kids grow up so fast, don't they?

One minute you're picking out nursery linens and the perfect toddler bed, and the next thing you know their feet are hanging off the ends and find yourself wondering how the bed got smaller... because surely they're not REALLY that big yet, right?

Unfortunately, we all know the reality--- kids grow up.

They outgrow their clothes. They outgrow their toys. They even outgrow their rooms.

But today I'm sharing some of my personal tips for decorating kids rooms that will grow WITH them as they get older--- saving you time and money on the constant redecorating.

Choose Furniture Wisely.

When my son was a baby, I decided that he was going to have a firetruck room...naturally, complete with a firetruck toddler bed. A year and a half later, he'd moved on from firetrucks and was all about TRAINS... so a Thomas bed it was. Now, I was smart and sold and bought used so as not to spend any extra out of pocket, but with my younger child I was even smarter... skipped the toddler bed altogether and went straight for a twin that will last her many years to come. Look at cribs that convert to toddler bed or larger, or choose basic pieces that can carry them throughout childhood even into their teen years. Your furniture is likely going to be the most expensive piece in your child's room, so choose it wisely. All the other decorative pieces can be switched out easily to create a brand new look later on.

Go With Solid Colors Over Obvious Themes.

Okay, okay... sometimes kids won't go with this, especially as they get a little bit older and more opinionated, but when possible, rather than going for bedding, curtains, etc with a character or more obvious theme, consider going with basic colors and patterns. A striped navy bedding can take you through a nautical theme or trains, all the way up to teen years. You can bring in those themes through fun accessories instead.

Don't Do Anything TOO Permanent.

Personally, as renters we tend to live by this either way... but it's important to consider with kids rooms especially. A giant cutesy mural might be fun when they're three, but when you blink and they're 13 it might be quite the chore to cover up, so really consider any major permanent changes. This can even include wall colors or wall paper. It's great to have fun with these but before making your ultimate decisions, consider if this is a color that will be easy to mix redecorate with later, something that they won't grow tired of too quickly, etc.

Have Fun With Accessories. 

The best way to mix up a room and truly make it unique is with the accessories... throw on fun pillows to take a classic bed to the next level. Find wall art that expresses your child's loves and style. Even add in fun lamps and lighting to make it more 'them'. Think about the things that matter most to your child, and bring those into the room through the accessories you choose.

Decorate With Intention.

I talk about this idea a lot... but what exactly does decorating with intention mean? For me, it is decorating with the intention of keeping our faith in the center of our home through the decor we choose. I make it a point that each room has at LEAST one inspirational piece--- a scripture or a cross--- something that my family can see every day and be reminded to live out their faith. As we see these throughout the day, they bring us joy, they bring us a reminder that God is with us, they bring us peace. Isn't that what we want for our children?

When it comes to decorating with intention, my go to has always been Dayspring. My love for Dayspring started many years ago with their Redeemed collection, that allowed me to effortless weave my faith into my existing style. Throughout the years, I've continued to do the same through various collections and designs throughout my house. Recently, a new collection caught me eye and I knew it was JUST what I was looking for in my son's room: their pennant collection.

As I said, I love having these inspirational messages in EVERY room in the house, but had struggled to find just the right piece for him. He's nearly 11--- so kind of that weird in between age where he still likes kid stuff... but not little kid stuff. That can be tougher to find for boys! This pennant was the perfect solution featuring a great message perfect for boys of ANY age:

'Be Brave & Courageous'

What a wonderful message to take with him as he ventures into middle school, right? But beyond that I love the classic design--- the simple grey and dark navy blue. These colors are so classic and simple that they will effortless fit into any existing theme your child might have, but are grown up enough that they will grow with them. From a nursery next to a dino wall hanging or above your teenager's desk as a reminder to be brave in this crazy world... it looks GREAT! And of course, the quality is everything we have come to expect from Dayspring too, and quite affordable too!

This is just one of the many great pennants now available at Dayspring. Choose the one to best match your family's style.

Even better, right now pennants are on sale up to 60% off through August 12! Hurry over- this deal will be gone in a flash! 


Have you recently made the transition from little kid room to big kid room? What tips would you share on creating a room that grows with your child? What pennant for Dayspring would complete your child's perfect room?


  1. These are some great tips. Redecorating can be so expensive over time!

  2. That is too cute. I like the sonic.


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