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Everything A Wonder Woman Mom Needs For Back To School + Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway {A #WWHop2018 #giveaway Event}

Wonder woman supermom We all know a wonder woman -- the kind of girl who has it all together, no matter what. We're celebrating the start of the 2018 school year with products that will help any woman be a Wonder Woman! This hop is hosted by Savings in Seconds. Host and participants are not responsible for prizes not delivered by sponsor. Hop ends August 3, so get started on those entries!


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Can you believe the back to school season is upon us?

For the kids, back to school means more time with friends, meeting new teachers and of course, new school supplies. For moms, one might think it means a break... but let's face reality: often times it just means even more craziness. So, today I'm sharing my personal back to school must haves for MOMS.

A Planner.

Back to school means back to crazy... a good planner can help keep us all organized. My go to? The Illustrated Faith Planner from Dayspring. I love that these offer a monthly overview, and a weekly look too. They're fun, they're faith based.. perfect for my personal needs!

New PJs/Lounge Clothes.

Want to be the best dressed mom in the pick up line, without sacrificing your comfort (or embarrassing your child too horribly). Upgrade that ratty ol' bathrobe with some cute lounge clothes or yoga pants. They ARE a mom's best friend, right? And if you choose to stay in them all day long? Well, I'm not one to judge! Jane.com offers a wide variety of fun fashions to include great lounge wear. And of course if you want to dress it up a little bit, they have you covered for that too!

Daily Boutique Deals

A Good Devotional.

Starting the day off right with a devotional can make the whole morning school routine a little more bearable. No time in the morning? That time away from the kids while they are at school might provide those few minutes you need! Enjoy it and check out some of these devotionals created just for moms.

Coffee. Lots of Coffee.

Gone are the lazy days of summer... now it's up and at 'em, getting the kids to school. And that, my friends, is why coffee was invented! After all, how else are we going to get through the morning. Every wonder woman is first fueled by coffee!

And as part of the Wonder Woman Giveaway Hop, one very lucky winner is going to have their coffee covered with a Starbucks gift card! Enter using the giveaway form below:


  1. I would use the gift to buy a wonder woman in my life a drink

  2. For me it's not a trip to Starbucks without a pumpkin bread and a smoothie.

  3. I love drinking coffee!


  4. Comfortable PJs are a mom's best friend!

  5. I really enjoy my coffee. My day doesn't start right without it.

  6. Starbucks is such a nice treat. I like to get some of their coffee when I go shopping at my local Target.

  7. I especially love Starbucks Frappucinos and my husband loves that they let him add scoops of protein powder to his drinks including extra extra scoops haha. One time he asked for so many scoops of protein powder the blender started to sound like it was going to burn out the motor so he kindly cut back a couple of scoops to ensure he doesn't break a blender. haha. Starbucks gift cards make excellent gifts too!

  8. I drink about two cups of coffee every morning to help wake me up. :)

  9. Would love to give the gift card to my sister.

  10. Our daughter loves Starbucks. Thanks for the giveaway.


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