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100 Days of Bible Journaling Days 92-100

Day 92: No Condemnation in Christ

Have you ever had to sit in front of a judge to let them decide your fate? Now, I must admit I've never been in that situation, but the idea sows horrifying! Can you imagine what it would have been like to stand before God before Christ's sacrifice. Let's be honest.. we'd all be found guilty! But through Christ's sacrifice, we are redeemed.

For this page, I really just wanted to reflect that simple word. Redeemed. One word, with such power behind it. There was actually some bleed through from the reverse page, so I embraced it and used it for the background of this page. Sometimes you just have to roll with it!

Day 93: He Is With You

Do you ever feel like you're completely alone? Honestly, I think loneliness is one of the worst feelings one can experience, and sadly one that is all too common. I think it is in those moments that we need to remember this message. God is with us. Always.

For this page, I really wanted to think about that idea of loneliness with a simple but important message that we are never alone. This was another page where I played off of the theme from the previous page. This was among my favorite pages for the week.

Day 94: Beauty For Ashes

The lights go out all around meOne last candle to keep out the nightAnd then the darkness surrounds meI know I'm alive but I feel like I've diedAnd all that's left is to accept that it's overMy dreams ran like sand through the fists that I madeI try to keep warm but I just grow colderI feel like I'm slipping away 
After all this has passed, I still will remainAfter I've cried my last, there'll be beauty from painThough it won't be today, someday I'll hope againAnd there'll be beauty from painYou will bring beauty from my pain
This song... oh this song has gotten me through some times. I was first introduced to it (and Superchick) back in high school, and so many times throughout the years I have found myself turning to it. From my miscarriage to my husband losing his job, I found comfort in these words. And through the years, I have also seen the truth out of it. Whatever the world throws at us, God will bring beauty from the ashes.

For this page, I was naturally reminded of this beloved song and wanted to journal that. I remembered I had this candle sticker from a previous Illustrated Faith kit that perfectly reflected that line from the song. 'One last candle to keep out the night'. I played off of the colors from that sticker to create a gelato background.

Day 95: God Leads the Way

As kids, we loved playing Follow the Leader, but somewhere along the way... we wanted to do our own thing, make it by ourselves. Unfortunately, that can leave us lost and wandering. Thankfully, we have the ultimate leader just waiting for us to follow Him, to lead us to the life He intended us to have.

For this page, I wanted to keep it small and simple. Often in my journaling, I go bold. Big spreads, large letters, bold colors. This page still has the bright and bold colors, but I kept is smaller, leaving lots of additional room for journaling my thoughts and notes on the subject!

Day 96: A Day of Rest 

On the 7th day, He rested.

I'm not going to lie, I often wish I had a day to rest... but as moms we know, a whole day of rest is hard to come by. Still resting- and more importantly resting in God- is so important in our well being- physically, emotionally and spiritually. So while we may not get a whole day, those moments we can find here and there are worth everything.

For this page, I tried to think about relaxation. It's a topic that's been covered several times throughout this journal so I really wanted something a little bit different that those previous pages. I came across the tea sticker and thought it would be the perfect illustration--- nothing more comforting than a cup of warm herbal tea, right?

Day 97: He Makes Your Heart Clean

Give us clean hands, oh GodGive us pure heartsLet us not lift our souls to anotherOh God this beA generation that seeksWho seeks Your face, Oh God of Jacob

If you're a worship music fan, chances are you've heard this song a time or two. When I was first introduced to the genre, it was an early favorite. All these years later, I still love it. So when I read this devotion, I immediately was reminded of this song.

For this page, I again went simple. A simple reminder that God can wash away our sins, he can make our hearts clean ...we only need turn to him.

Day 98: You Are Saved By Grace

Oh, could there be a great message. Not by works, but by grace we are saved. Grace- by definition- means that we are undeserving...we have fallen short, but Jesus sacrifice has saved us all.

For this page, I couldn't help but think about the lyrics to another favorite of mine, 'Grace Wins':

Here comes those whispers in my earSaying who do you think you areLooks like you're on your own from hereCause grace could never reach that far 
But, in the shadow of that shameBeat down by all the blameI hear you call my name sayin it's not overAnd my heart starts to beatSo loud now, drowning out the doubtI'm down but I'm not out 
There's a war between guilt and graceAnd they're fighting for a sacred spaceBut I'm living proofGrace wins every time
Such a powerful song, isn't it? I feel like these are words that so many of us need. No matter where we are or what we have done, His grace will ALWAYS win. For this page, I wanted to reflect that message. I used a clear cut to create a fun tip in, and I love how it really makes the message pop. 

Day 99: God Is A Constant Source

There aren't many constants in today's world. It seems everything is always changing. Even people can flip flop to some degree, right? In the craziness, we all need that one constant to help keep us grounded. Thankfully, we have that in God. He is constant. Unchanging. Unfaltering. A rock.

For this page, I really focused on that idea. 'Jesus is my rock'. I found it went very well with the page opposite so I kept with the same color scheme. I layered some stickers to create this bold page.

Day 100: God's Promises Are For Your Lifetime

The previous 100 days covered a lot of promises. From comfort to provision to peace. I cannot help but think that this reminder was the perfect way to end this challenge. These promises aren't just for a bit, but everlasting.

For this page, I again went with simple. A simple message and a simple image to represent the promises made by God.

And that concludes the 100 Days of Bible promises! I must admit that when I started this challenge I wasn't sure if I could make it the full 100 days, but I did and they have been so rewarding. They allowed me to expand my journaling skills, spend more time in the Word and grow closer in my relationship with God. I must admit, I'm a little sad for it to come to an end, though I look forward to the next installment to come this fall.

Have you been journaling along? How was the experience for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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