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Tips To Get A Great Night's Sleep {+ Helix Sleep Memorial Day Sale!}

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Let's talk sleep!

If you're like me, you might find yourself saying, 'Sleep...what's that!?'

Yes, so many of us these days struggle with sleep. In fact, studies have suggested that 2 out of every 5 people do not get the recommended amount of sleep each night! No wonder we're all tired all the time, am I right?

But what can we do about that? How can we try to get a better night's sleep each and every night? Here are a few tips that might just do the job:

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  • Give Yourself a bedtime. We all know that putting kids to sleep at the same time each night is better for their sleep... but then we grow up and throw out the bedtimes! The reality is, having a sleep schedule can help us as adults too!
  • Power Off. One of the rules for my kids is that all electronics must go off an hour before their bedtime, and truly makes a huge difference in giving them plenty of time to wind down. I know I'm guilty of grabbing and scrolling on my phone when I cannot sleep, but I've found I too sleep better when I just step away from the devices.
  • Avoid caffeine. For me, even caffeine in the morning will keep me up all night, but for most just cutting out caffeine in the afternoons should be enough. Certainly don't drink it too close to the evenings. 
  • Exercise Daily. Of course, we know exercise is great for us in MANY ways, but one of those ways is that it helps us to get to sleep faster and sleep more soundly. However, we want to be sure that we're doing it at the right time--- about 2 to 3 hours BEFORE sleep is ideal! 
  • Check Your Mattress. Let's be honest, we can try all of the sleep tricks in the world... but if we're trying to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress, it's not going to do much. If you have an uncomfortable mattress... or you've had yours for more than 10 years it might be time to consider a new one! Having the right mattress can make a world of difference in your sleep!

For that, Helix Sleep has you covered!

If you ask a room full of people what makes the perfect mattress, chances are you are going to get a room full of different answers. Some like super soft, some like super firm, some prefer somewhere in between. The reality is, our sleep preferences are 100% unique to us... so shouldn't we likewise have a custom designed mattress that is just as unique? This is just what Helix Sleep provides--- the options we need to customize our mattress to our individual needs for the best night's sleep.

Helix uses their sleep quiz to find out the best mattress to fit your own comfort levels, which leads to most users reporting a better night's sleep with use compared to other mattresses. They even offer options for those of us who share the bed with someone whose comfort level differs from our own. This insures that EVERYONE gets the great sleep they deserve. 

Now is a GREAT time to make the switch and give yourself the gift of a great night's sleep during the Helix Sleep Memorial Day Sale. Right now through May 30th, you can save big with a variety of great deal options. Take a look at these fantastic offers. From mattresses, pillows to a complete bed makeover, these deals are sure to have you sleeping better for less:

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Helix Memorial Day Sale: $10 off a pillow with code MDWPIILLOW

Helix Memorial Day Sale: $10 off adjustable base with code MDWBASE

What are you waiting for? This sale ends soon, so head on over to Helix Sleep and grab them before the deals are gone! 


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