Wednesday, May 23, 2018

100 Days of Bible Journaling: Days 36-42

Day 36: Wait on His Timing

One of my favorite Bible verses is Ecclesiastes 3:11--- He makes everything beautiful in its time. When we wait for His timing, it's perfect. But that waiting? Oh, that's a tough one. We tend to want things to happen right now... we don't want to have to wait! It takes a lot of prayer and a lot of patience, but in the end it is always worth the wait.

For this page, I wanted to focus on that simple reminder. To be honest, I need it often myself...and found myself needing it as I worked on this page too! I tried a little something new on this page by using a doily which I'd painted with a gorgeous watercolor- a simple idea, but very pretty!

Day 37: Joy in Troubles

I feel like this promise really goes well with that last one. Not only to we need to wait on God's timing... but we need to find joy in the hard times while we wait. That likewise can be very hard, but I've found no matter how bad things get, there is always joy to be found somewhere. We might have to look harder, and it might be a small joy... but it's there!

For this page, I decided to keep it very simple--- really just some stickers and clear cuts. And of course, what could be more joyful than cotton candy. I loved the softer colors on this page. 

Day 38: Authentic Faith

Faith is pretty amazing, right? Powerful even. With just the smallest amount of faith, mountains can be moved... that's pretty astounding. I think that sometimes we need that reminder of just how amazing our faith truly is and what it can accomplish. We might not be moving any actual mountains... but with God we can overcome whatever hardships that might be standing in our way.

For this page, I decided to go bold... just as we should be bold in our faith. I chose brighter yellows, oranges and pinks to really make the black of the script sticker and stamped mountains pop. 

Day 39: Drawing Others To Jesus

As Christians, we are called to share the news of Christ with others... but I think this is something that many of us really struggle with. Perhaps its that we know its 'uncool' to be a more conservative Christian in today's society... or maybe we just feel that we aren't as knowledgeable about the Bible as we should be if we plan to talk to others about God. But the reality is, no matter our level of expertise on the Bible--- that's not what matters. It is our actions, it is our stories, it is how having a relationship with God has changed our own lives... not who did what and when in the Bible.

For this page, I again used some layering of die cuts. I loved this question of 'Who around you could benefit from hearing your story?' from a journaling card from one of the previous Illustrated Faith monthly kits so I focused my whole page around that idea. It's a simple message... spread the word, share your story, live your faith. 

Day 40: The Love of Money

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty.

This verse really struck me as I read through the devotional on this day. I've lived this truth. Let's be honest, the love of money is a tricky one. We need money. We have to eat, we have to have a place to live, we have to pay all those necessary bills. Money in and of itself isn't a bad thing... but that obsession to get all the money and have all the things? That can get us in trouble. I must admit I often find myself now in our lowest point comparing not to others, but to our highest points... the experiences we were able to enjoy, even just the simple luxury of not worrying about bills or groceries. But that can lead to a lot of discontentment. The Bible reminds us that no matter our circumstances, we need to learn to be content always. If we compare ourselves to others or our pasts, we cannot find the joy and the blessings we have right now.

For this page, I contemplated going a little more literal on the money theme... but after really giving it some time and thought, I decided it really wasn't about the money... but about being content and so I focused on that message instead.

Day 41: You Are God's Workmanship

It's pretty amazing to think that God created each and every one of us--- down to every last detail. He truly is the ultimate artist, isn't he? There are no two of us exactly alike, and still he knows every last unique variance. Amazing!

For this page, I initially planned to do something celebrating God as an artist, but as I was sorting supplies, I came across these word stickers again from a previous Illustrated Faith kit and decided it was a much more appropriate take on it. I just love this reminder of the unique ways that God created each of us!

Day 42: Facing Temptation

Everywhere we look, temptation is there. The reality is, it is much easier to just give into it than to fight it... right? We're not just talking the big things, but the little things too. Thankfully, we have the Holy Spirit guiding us and giving us the tools we need to resist that temptation... if we choose to use them.

For this page, I couldn't help but think of this phrase... Not Today Satan! It has popped up on a variety of Christian tees, mugs, websites, you name it! I love that bold message that says, nope, not giving in... not today, not ever. It's a great motto to live by, right?
You may have noticed by now that I use alphabet stickers often in my journaling. While I am working on hand lettering, I'm not great at it, and honestly I just love how the stickers tend to stand out a bit. The downside? You always start to run out of letters that you need! I knew I wanted black lettering for this particular page, but of the 5 or so styles of black letter stickers I had, not ONE had all the letters I needed... so I had to get a little creative! I borrowed Os from a different set, and turned some Vs upside down and used a Sharpie to create some As. In the end, I think those big Os, though not perfect, really helped give this that bold look I'd hoped to accomplish. In the end, this was my favorite page this week! 

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  1. "When we wait for His timing, it's perfect. But that waiting? Oh, that's a tough one."

    It sure is. But I've learned the hard way not to make (force) things happen. Thanks for posting!


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