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Share Your Faith On-The-Go with Prone To Wander LA {+ A Giveaway}

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Let's talk phones!

For many of us, our phones are a permanent staple in our lives. Be it texting, talking or playing an exciting game of Candy Crush, we don't go anywhere without them. I'll be honest, I'm not a huge phone person--- I typically only talk to my mom, my mother in law and my husband.I don't play games, and I rarely text... but still, every time I step out the door, I have to make sure my phone is with me... just in case!

Yes, our phones are like an extension of us...

And shouldn't they reflect that!? They should express who we are through beautiful cases that show off our personality, our style... even our faith!

That is just what Prone To Wander LA offers:

We are all prone to wander away from the things that really matter. Sometimes, we just need a little encouragement, a breath of inspiration, a quick reminder of THE Truth, our identity, and our purpose.

Prone To Wander LA creatively brings God’s Word in the little things we carry, wear, or see everyday. We exist to bless little lives with the little things we create.

I was recently sent a few of their beautiful phone cases to check out for myself. Take a look:

Beautiful, right?

In the past, I've talked rather frequently about decorating with intention. The idea was that by having these Bible verses and words of inspiration around my home where I would see them as I go about my day would help provide that reminder... that those messages would sink in. So, why not use that same idea for a phone case? For many, they see their phones much more than they see the inside of their homes, right?

But not only can those messages be a great reminder for us, but for those around us too! We can share our faith with others simply with our accessories. Some might just overlook it, but for some it might sink in... and perhaps even start a great conversation. How great is that!?

Aside from the great messages, they are absolutely stunning. They feature a variety of verses and inspirational words mixed beautiful with stunning designs in their shimmer series, wood series and clear series. I was sent one of each....and loved them all!

The shimmer series offers a great metallic mirrored finish in a soft flexible TPU. These are hard to capture the beauty in the photos, but they truly are stunning.I have a love of rose gold, so I couldn't help but fall in love with the finish, only made better by the phrase 'Beauty for Ashes'. They are very sleek, not adding too much bulk to the phone, but still giving some great protection.

Next up, the wood case. This is probably my favorite style wise. I love the look of the engraved wood with the stunning watercolor flowers. Absolutely gorgeous. It has a soft lining that offers great protection, though this case is a little bit thicker than the other options. One thing worth noting on this case. I discovered if you use an after market charging cord- which tend to be a little larger, it might not fit with the case on.

And finally, the clear case. This combines some of the features I love about each case into one great case. Like the shimmer series, it is a soft case that is thin and sleek, but it has those same gorgeous watercolor designs I loved in the wood case. The clear case allows the metal of your phone to shine through for a fun metallic look.

Each case offers gorgeous designs and styles so you are certain to find the perfect case to fit your own style! And they even come beautifully packaged! The biggest problem is... how can you choose just one!?

You can find out more and connect with Prone to Wander LA at the links below:

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