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Top 5 Books for Middle Grade Boys {According to My 10 Year Old}

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Today is Read Across America Day!
As a bookworm, this is a day that I can get behind! Likewise, my son is a bookworm himself... sometimes even getting into trouble at school for reading when he's not suppose to! Oops! So, in honor of today, I asked my son to make a list of his top favorite book series to share with all of you:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Shaun started reading this series when he was 5 years old and it has remained a favorite ever since. He's read them each multiple times and STILL cracks up every time. His most recommended.

Captain Underpants

Another long time favorite--- if you have a boy who loves fart jokes and laughs at the mention of 'butt', chances are they're going to enjoy this one.

Jedi Academy

Love Star Wars? This might be the perfect book series for your child. Their favorite Star Wars characters as middle schoolers!? Sounds fun to me! Again, lots of fun illustrations throughout help to draw the attention.

Secret Hero Society

This this another series that takes beloved characters and places them in a middle school setting--- this time the DC Comic heroes. This is his most recently started series, but it's very quickly become a top pick!

Dog Man

This is probably the easiest read on the list, but still a fun read for any kid who likes comics. This is sort of a spin off from Captain Underpants, based upon the comics that the boys in that series created. It offers a lot of that same humor.

As you can see from my son's picks, he loves fun books. Anything with comics or other fun illustrations added in, or anything with a lot of humor. He loves books that are written in the style of journals or comics! Some of his choices might not have been what I would have chosen for him, but he loves them and when it comes to getting kids to fall in love with reading, that's all that matters!

What are some of your children's favorite books? How are you celebrating Read Across America Day? 


  1. Just have to comment because I saw the book, my grandson got in trouble with his Kindergarten teacher a few weeks ago for calling a girl in class, "Captain Underpants!"

  2. Thanks for this list of books for middle school readers. I think the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series would be interesting for my granddaughter.

  3. These are great middle school idea! Its pulling teeth to get my 9 yr old to read.


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