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All Things New: A 14 Day Journaling Challenge { + A Look Inside March's Illustrated Faith Devotional Kit} #IF_AllThingsNew #MDFT_renew #BibleJournaling

** Kit received as part of the Illustrated Faith Launch Team. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own.


When I chose this as my one word for 2018, I did so for several reasons. You see, the last few years had been quite rough for me. I'll spare you all of the details, but it just seemed to be one thing after the other. Personal struggles, financial struggles, physical health, mental health. It all had really started to take it's toll on me.

I needed a renewal.

I needed to renew my body and get back into better health.
I needed to renew my mind and get out of the rut that my health issues had put me in.
I needed to renew my spirit, and find those pieces of myself that had been lost.
I needed to renew my finances and attempt to get back on track.
 I needed to renew my home and catch up on everything that had fallen to the wayside. 
I needed to renew my wardrobe and beauty routine to regain my confidence.
I needed to renew my faith because while I turned to God more than ever in prayer, I'd let things like journaling get pushed to the side when I'd needed them most.

Now, in the past few months, I have been working at smaller goals to each of these ideas. It's a slow process, and it's a process I have to start new each day, but I am focusing my attention on this idea and praying for renewal in all areas of my life.

When it came to renewing my faith, I came up with an idea of a journaling challenge. For me, journaling has been such a way to connect with God on a more personal level. But sometimes in the midst of life, I struggle to find the time, the energy or the inspiration. With spring and Easter just around the corner, I decided now was the perfect time to challenge myself with some journaling on the subject of Renewal. And I wanted to invite you all to join me in this 14 Day Challenge:

  1. New Life
  2. Romans 12:2
  3. Work In Progress
  4. Starting Over
  5. Say Goodbye
  6. Renew the Body
  7. Psalm 51:10
  8. Choose Joy
  9. Forgiveness
  10. A New Day
  11. Isaiah 40:31
  12. The Old Me
  13. Finding Strength
  14. Psalm 23:3

I chose to make this challenge 14 days because I know that for me, when I see longer 30 day challenges, I start to back away. I WANT to do these challenges, but I know that realistically, I will not have the time each day for a month. 14 days is much more reasonable, but still provides a good challenge. Ideally, you can do 14 days consecutively, but if you miss a day, you have time to catch up.

While I created these prompts with Bible journaling in mind, this challenge is yours to make your own. Journal in your Bible, an art journal, a regular journal--- even in your planner if that's your thing! There is no right or wrong way to take the challenge, or no right or wrong way to interpret the prompts given. I feel like we can all use a little renewal in our faith every now and again, and my hope is that you can take something from this challenge and use it in your spiritual journey.

If you choose to participate, I'd love for you to share your progress. Tag me on Instagram: randikaye or on Facebook: A Modern Day Fairy Tale. Use the hashtag #MDFT_Renew

Need a little more inspiration? The new Illustrated Faith Monthly Devotional Kit is all about the subject of renewal and the perfect compliment to this challenge! Take a look at the new kit, All Things New:

The March Illustrated Faith 'All Things New' devotional kit will encourage your heart in the Lord—eight devotionals to remind you that God makes new ways, He transforms, He restores life, He creates new people, He starts over, He renews strength, He pours out mercy, He wins...and so much more. "Have fun and remember that nothing is out of God's reach." —Shanna Noel

Kit includes:

  • 1 clear stamp collection
  • 1 roll washi tape
  • 1 thank you card from Shanna
  • 2 sheets translucent stickers
  • 6 tip-ins
  • 8 devotional cards
  • 1 plastic holder
  • 1 cardstock sticker

This is such a fun kit with it's geometric patterns and vibrant colors, but more than anything I loved this theme: All Things New. It is truly the perfect timing to prepare for Easter and I loved finding more inspiration on my one word. This month, all 8 devotional cards feature a short devotion with no separate journaling cards giving us a lot more to read and reflect on. 

If you need a renewal in your faith, your journaling or just want to prepare your heart for the upcoming spring and Easter season, I encourage you to join me on this challenge and check out the All Things New kit, available to purchase now at Dayspring! Don't forget to use the code IFSHIPSFREE for free shipping on your order. 


  1. Really neat and new way to motivate yourself to keep a journal

  2. I love these journaling ideas. I struggle to figure out how to decorate mine!


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