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How To Be a Perfect Christian {A Book Review}

***Book received for consideration. Post contains affiliate link. All thoughts are 100% my own.

The Perfect Christian.

What does that mean to you?

Okay, okay, logically we all know that such a thing does not exist. If there was the perfect Christian, there would be no need to a savior. But if there were such a thing, what would that look like?

  • Would they carry their Bible at all times?
  • Would they eat only at Chick-Fil-a and shop only at Hobby Lobby? 
  • Would they know never to pass up a good social media hot topic debate?
  • Would they attend only a super hip mega church?
  • Would their Instagram feed be filled with photos of a well-placed Bible?
  • Would their car be filled with Christian bumper stickers?
  • Would they be all love and no cares about sin?
  • Would they be all about the sin and not about the tolerance? 

No matter what type of Christian you might be, there are a lot of pre-conceived notions from all sides about what that perfect Christian might look like. You might even see yourself in some of these ideas. And you know what... sometimes we just need to laugh at ourselves and the absurdity of it all. That is just what the upcoming book 'How To Be a Perfect Christian' from the folks who brought us The Babylon Bee aims to do:

With a biting, satirical style reminiscent of The Onion, How to Be a Perfect Christian takes a humorous look at the quirks of cultural Christianity while subtly challenging the reader to search for more than a cultural faith.

Written in the trademark style of The Babylon Bee, this book humorously satirizes cultural Christianity while peppering in subtle challenges to the reader. Through humor and sarcasm (and a handy meter to rank your "holiness" as you progress through the book), readers will be called to find a more biblical understanding of the Christian faith, all while poking fun at the quirks of the modern, American Christian community.

Let's be 100% clear again and repeat that this book is completely satirical and not to be taken at all seriously. But if you enjoy a little satire and don't mind poking fun at yourself, this book is a hilarious read. It truly pokes fun at all types of Christians. At one point it might talk about how finding the perfect church means finding one that makes you feel good and justifies how you live your life. If a sermon has you squirming and feeling convictions, you've clearly not found the right church. At another point it talks about protesting at events you don't believe in with hateful messages. Two very different extremes, right? But both are very real views of Christianity in our culture today.

In its absurdity and humor, this book serves as a reminder that living our Christian faith is not about what the culture seems to think is required at any given time in history, but what the BIBLE says. Trends--- Christian and otherwise--- will most certainly change. The hottest Christian music will change. The Christian mom look of a #blessed tee and messy bun will (sadly) pass with time. posting a picture of your Bible and coffee... yep, that too will one day be a thing of the past. But God's word and the instructions given for our Christian lives? Those are unchanging.

Want to experience How To Be a Perfect Christian for yourself? It will be available on May 1, but you can preorder now at many of your favorite book retailers.


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