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Making Bible Learning FUN for Kids!

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Kids are like sponges.

Seriously. Sometimes I look at my 4 year old and am truly astounded at just how much she picks up from the world around her. For example, as I was starting the post, she came to me pretending to shop and announced... "Oh no! I forgot my money at home! That's okay, I'll pay with my phone." Now, I don't personally pay with my phone, but this was something she'd picked up from commercials in passing. Hilarious. 

But just goes to show you just how much kids truly do pay attention... even when you think they aren't. So, there truly is no better time to introduce them to the Bible than right now! Not only will they pick it up easily, but it can inspire a love that they carry with them as they grow.

But how can we make learning the Bible more fun for them? Today I'm sharing a few ideas:

  • Read Fun Books. There are many great Bible storybooks that draw kids in with their fun illustrations and easy to understand stories. Find one that your children love.
  • Act it out. Whether its through finger puppets or dress up, bring it to life!
  • Create Bible Crafts. Another great way to bring stories to life is through simple crafts that go along with the stories you are reading.
  • Play Games. Use fun trivia games or even silly games to make learning exciting! You're sure to find lots of great ideas on Pinterest to get you started, or recreate basic kids games to go along with your theme.
  • Reward them. Now, I'm not saying you should bribe your children to learn the Bible, but kids DO love rewards--- even as simple as a sticker for remembering a verse or answering trivia questions correctly can be a huge motivator! 
  • Sing it! My kids love music, and more importantly, they remember music! Find some fun Bible songs, or if you're creative--- rewrite some old kids favorites yourself. The sillier the better! 

As you can see through these tips, the best way to make learning the Bible more fun for kids is to make it an interactive experience. I don't know about your kids, but mine hate being lectured, so often times trying to just read or explain the Bible to them with simple words can seem much like that...and they tune it out. By keeping it interactive, they will better take in what you are teaching and enjoy doing so, and that is something that they can take with them throughout their lives- knowing that reading the Bible does not have to be so serious!


Today, I also wanted to share a fun new resource that can help, THE BIG PICTURE INTERACTIVE BIBLE STORY COLORING AND ACTIVITY BOOK:

Filled with more than 200 coloring pages and more than 150 activity pages for young children, this Bible Story Coloring and Activity Book from The Big Picture Interactive provides hours of fun. Here are some of the great activities your kids will love: word searches, mazes, connect the dots, hidden messages, fill in the blank, secret code, matching, find it, unscramble, and more!

If your children already have and love The Big Picture Interactive Bible, this will be the perfect compliment to their collection. It features more of the same great artwork they have come to love, but with more interactive activities--- from coloring to word searches and more. 

Not yet experienced The Big Picture books? That's okay too! It truly is great as a stand alone too. It offers a wide variety of different activities--- from simple coloring to fun searches. My daughter loves the various mazes, while my son is a big fan of the word games--- searches, scrambles, etc. Something for everyone. 

The Bible Story Coloring and Activity Book is available to purchase now at your favorite Christian book retailers. 

What tips and tricks do YOU have for teaching kids about the Bible? 


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