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4 Simple Ways to Update Your Home Without Breaking the Bank {+ A Deal from Lock & Hinge}

** This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lock & Hinge. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

With the new year, there's certainly a feeling of NEW in the air! We want a new look, a new wardrobe... even a new home. But let's get honest... while the look and clothes might be a little easier to come by, a new home? Well, that's not something most of us can do on a whim, am I right?

Still, that doesn't mean we cannot make our existing home feel like new, right? Today, I'm sharing some simple ideas that can help bring new life to your home--- without a complete renovation required:

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  • Paint. One super quick and simple way to change the look of your home is to do some painting! Paint the walls a fresh new color, give the cabinets a face lift with some simple paint--- even paint your front door for some more curb appeal. Old furniture that just doesn't match the look you now want? Paint it. The possibilities are endless.
  • Change the linens. It truly is amazing to me how much difference things like curtains can have on a room. And while buying a new couch when the mood strikes may not be an option, some new pillow (or covers) can bring in new life and new colors. You can also throw in some pretty throws for texture and warmth! Super easy, and if you look for deals, can be pretty reasonable too. 
  • Move furniture. I am constantly rearranging furniture in my house because it truly is another great way to change the feel of a room using what you have on hand. Sometimes I'll mix up pieces from one room to another, other times I'll just experiment with the layout with what's already there. Either way it keeps things fresh and fun. 
  • Look at the small details. Be honest, when is the last time you gave much thought to little details throughout your home--- like the switch plates, doorknobs, vent covers, even the handles on your cabinets? These might be small details but can have a HUGE impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Switching the handles on your cabinets can completely change the look---with or without fresh paint. Switch plates and vent covers may not be something we look at often, but if you gave them a fresh new look it can take the whole room to another level--- it gives it a look and feel that every last detail was taken into consideration. Even the simple detail of a door knocker or an updated house number can add great curb appeal to your home too! Take a look at these small details around your home and consider changing some out too!
To help you with that last bit, Lock & Hinge has us covered. Lock & Hinge is a division of Real Metropolitan Hardware. Real Metropolitan has been providing commercial, residential, and builders’ hardware to some of New York City's finest interior decorators, builders, and contractors for more then 55 years. Their online store offers all shoppers from professionals to DIYers, a wide array of high quality Brass Accents Door Hardware, Knockers, Handles, Push & Pulls, catalog includes Renaissance Collection Accessories, Bathroom Accessories, Cabinet Hardware, Door Hardware, Door Knockers, Floor Register, Hinges, Kick Plates, Knobs & Levers, Mail Slots, Push & Pull Plates, Switch Plates, etc. Everything you need for those finishing touches on your home. They offer a wide variety of designs to best match your personal style and give your home a complete and polished look.

And I am excited to offer you all an exclusive deal!

Use the code RANDIKAYE to take 10% off your total purchase! Head on over and update your home for the new year today! 

Looking to update your home without breaking the bank this year? What other ideas do you have? How can Lock & Hinge help? 


  1. Paint and accent pieces are ALWAYS my go to... even though I HATE painting lol!! I love the fixtures they offer at Lock and Hinge! Im hoping we can get a house this year and really change things up!

  2. Really smart ideas, definitely would do my own paint job or similar

  3. Please more shares for this article.


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