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Choosing Your ONE WORD for 2018

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As January approaches, many of us are hard at work thinking about all of the goals that we hope to accomplish in the new year. Our new year's resolution. And that's great! Why shouldn't we always be trying to focus on bettering ourselves each and every year? Many however have broken away from or added to their resolutions with something a little different: their One Word.

What is One Word? 

Simply put, it is a word that you choose to guide you throughout the year. A single word to live by. It is a word to reflect on, a word to pray over, a word to focus your goals towards.

But how do you decide on the right word for you? I must admit I'm still trying to narrow it down to the perfect word myself this year, but today I'm sharing a few tips that might help:

  • First, think of your hope and goals for the new year. Write them down. These can be big or small--- absolutely anything.
  • Think about what is most important. Of all the goals you wrote down is there one that stands out above the rest? Are there several goals that all fall under a related category? Take a long look at everything you've written and consider which of these hold the most meaning for you.
  • Pray about it. Spend some time in conversation with God. Is there something he is laying on your heart? Consider this. 
  • Narrow it down to ONE WORD to sum it up. Did you have a lot of goals about organizing your house and your life? Perhaps you might choose 'Simplify'. Do you have goals of putting more effort into your faith--- reading the Bible regularly or starting a prayer journal? Perhaps consider 'Intentional'. For 2017, I really wanted to focus and handing over my stresses and not worrying so much and to allow God to use me where He wanted me. I came to the word ' Surrender'.
  • Write It Down. Once you've decided on your word, write it down. Put it on an index card to carry with you, tape it to your mirror, write it on your Bible, make it into a necklace... whatever works for you to remind you of your word throughout the year. 
Do you do One Word each year? What word have you chosen? Why? How are you going to incorporate that throughout 2018?


  1. Very good idea. I think my word will be Simplify. Works in many areas of my life.
    slehan at juno dot com


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