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Holiday Travel with Kids {+ An Obersee Kids Suitcase Giveaway} #HolidayGiftGuide2017

The holiday season is finally upon us! For many family like my own, the holidays mean traveling! As a military family, one thing we know all too well is TRAVEL. Every Christmas, we have traveled to visit our families, no matter how far they are! 

So, today I am sharing my best tips for traveling with kids:

General Travel Tips

  • Dress Comfortably. The last thing you want when you're on a long trip is to be uncomfortable, and clothes can play a large role in that. Where clothes that you are comfortable in (and dress your kids the same)... both in movement AND temperature wise! Don't forget to remove coats before you buckle them in if traveling by car. 
  • Entertainment for the Kids. Travel games, coloring books, electronics, small toys...whatever it takes! One great tip that we found helpful was to buy something new just for the trip...with any luck, the newness will keep them occupied longer than the same old toys they've grown accustomed to. It doesn't have to be anything fancy--- just a cheap $5 or so toy (or book) from the bargain sections. Maybe even some printable travel games?
    When Traveling By Car

    • Don't Forget the Snacks. A small thermal with snacks for the trip is a MUST. Of course, you can always buy along the way, but having made that mistake I can assure you, it's not the best option. First of all, the cost of shopping convenience stores can be a little ridiculous! We can buy the same snacks we could pick up along the way beforehand and pay MUCH less. Second, you never know where you'll be when hunger/thirst hits you. In our experience, it's never when there are gas stations and restaurants galore, but when you're on the long stretches with nothing in sight. Of course!! I typically take along a small thermal with ice packs, drinks and simple snacks.
    • Pick Your Music Wisely. A good music choice can really make a long drive more bearable. Sometimes we as the adults pick the music, but allowing the kids to choose and keeping their favorites on hand keep them a lot happier on the road. 
    • Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst. Despite all your best efforts to plan the smoothest trip possible, things happen. We've had broken down cars, bad weather, a sick kiddo...not to mention that one time we nearly ended up in Mexico by mistake. Oops! It's best to prepare for ANYTHING!
    When Traveling By Plane
    • Plan to be there CRAZY early. We all know that kids can slow everything down, so get there even earlier than necessary to make sure you're not too rushed.
    • Prepare for Takeoff. Ears can pop at takeoff which can be painful for little ones. Pack a sucker or chewing gum for older kids. For a baby, nursing at takeoff can really help too. 

    Of course, you cannot be truly prepared for traveling with kids without great luggage. When we travel, I allow each of my children to take their own bags... even if we're just going for a day or two and don't really NEED their bags. For my children, it allows them to feel more grown up and with the proper suitcase allows them to show off their personality too. For that, Obersee Kids Suitcases are an amazing option.

    The Obersee Kids Luggage / Suitcase boasts a blend of creativity, functionality and style. All kids luggage features a main compartment for clothing, toys and other travel items. Additionally, the inner compartment features clothing straps and a pocket large enough for books. The outside of the suitcase features two drink pockets, additional outer pocket for easy storage, a carrying handle, quality wheels, and a sturdy pull bar for easy transport. Best of all, the front pocket is an insulated snack cooler for toting snacks while traveling.
    Now, we have had many kids suitcases throughout our years of traveling with kids, but I must admit these might be my absolute favorite. They are a pretty typical kid size, which means that they are the perfect carry on size, so you don't have to worry about that if traveling by train. They are easy for even little ones to pull and maneuver throughout the airport, train station, or even just to the car. Now, when traveling for longer periods of time, it may be a little bit small, but for a weekend trip or a carry on for that larger trips it's ideal. My son can fit a few outfits and pajamas, a few of his favorite books and some tasty treats too. Speaking of treats, this is one that that sets this suitcase apart from all the rest- the front pocket is insulated for snacks! as I mentioned above, having snacks on hand is ALWAYS a great idea. I may have specified that more for car travel, but even train and planes having those preferred snacks can be handy (within airline guidelines of course).

    Beyond the practical, these are also just really FUN! My son loves all things space and NASA so it fit his style perfectly. It's a simple design, but one that truly reflects who he is. We could probably even add some more patches from our travels if we really wanted to, but honestly, it's too perfect to mess with. But it's also just one of the many great designs available. From butterflies to angel wings, cars to motorcycles or camo to tie dye, there truly are designs to match each child's style!

    Your little one will be traveling in style and in ease with this suitcase this Christmas!

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    And one very lucky reader is going to win one for themselves. Enter using the giveaway form below:


    1. YES!! Such great tips!! Snacks are essential for us on trips! I swear my son snacks all day every day lol!

    2. My great nephew loves to pack for sleepovers at Grandma's house so he'd love the luggage :)

    3. Definitely some great tips, traveling with kids can be lots of fun if you plan ahead and make sure that you have what they need to keep them entertained and occupied.

    4. My son would love this for weekend getaways and for when we move in June.

    5. Nice tips and this would be great for my grand kids to use.

    6. I would love to give this to my daughter

    7. Thank you for sharing. This is a really cute suitcase that my grandson would just love.

    8. This would be perfect for when we travel


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