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Finding the Right Bible for Your Teen {+ A #GobbleGobble Giveaway Hop Event} HolidayGiftGuide2017 #RWM

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My Bible collecting started when I was a teenager- a new baptized Christian. I'd grown up in a Christian home so naturally had a Bible already, but it was an old KJV- nothing special and nothing really to grab my interest so I really had no desire to dive in.

It as after being given a Bible just for teens that I felt that the Bible was relevant to me and I dove right in. I think the same could be said as most teens. Even for the Christian teens as I was, they need something that makes it more relate-able to them. With the holidays quickly approaching, it is truly a great time to find a great Bible for the teen on your list... but hat do you look for? I'm sharing a few tips:

  • Find the Right Translation. I would say this is THE most important thing. You want to find a translation that is easy to understand and that they will want to read. If they participate in Bible studies or a youth group, you might find out if there is a preferred translation there too.
  • Find the Right Style. Okay, okay, they say never to judge a book by its cover, but we are often very visual people and let's admit it... we do it anyway! As a teenage I loved and found myself reaching more for a 'pretty' Bible. 
  • Find Something That Digs Deeper... in an Age Appropriate Way. Young and old, reading the Bible can be a little confusing. While a good translation helps, sometimes it's tough to figure out how these stories can be applied to our lives as well. I feel like this is especially true for teens. A bible that offers devotions or even topical pages that feature issues that teens deal with today.
If you consider these few simple factors, you are sure to find just the right Bible to fit your teen's needs. There are many options out there to choose from, but today I'm sharing two of those options that are worth looking into.

First up, the NIV Revolution Bible, The Bible For Teens Guys:

Explore what it means to live a revolutionary life for God with the help of the NIV Revolution Bible. Packed with challenging insights, smart advice, and open discussion about today’s contemporary cultural issues, this best-selling Bible empowers young men ages 13-18 to ask big questions, discover fresh perspectives and impact others while living their faith on the edge.
Teens will discover how to impact a broken and diverse world with fresh perspectives on a variety of faith-related issues. Their life, their relationships, their community: it’s all a big deal, and it takes a big, God-filled heart to make a difference. A revolution of the heart isn’t about how popular or tough they are. It’s about what God can do in them and through them. This newly updated edition uses the accurate, readable, and clear NIV translation and includes features strategically designed to empower teen guys in their quest for truth.
  • Complete text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version
  • 12 full-color pages offer life-impacting ideas like: 50 PASSAGES THAT SHOW GOD IS A REVOLUTION GOD and 50 WAYS TO BE A BETTER FRIEND
  • In-depth book introductions give an overview of the context of each book in the Old and New Testaments
  • “Battlelines” answer tough questions that teens have and present the Bible’s perspective on spiritual growth and contemporary cultural topics such as self-harm, sex, divorce, environmental care, prayer, drug use, underage drinking, pornography, modesty, reading the Bible, relationships, and popularity on social media
  • Over 200 “Be the Change” articles challenge teen guys to discover God’s truth on various topics
  • 100 “God Calling” notes bring focus to key verses on God’s words to teens’ lives
  • 100 “Live the Revolution” notes show you how to change your life and revolutionize your impact on others
  • 50 “Matchups” capture the strategies, reflections and conflicts between the Bible’s heroes and villains
  • “Christianity 101” introduces teens to the basics of Christianity
  • “Beliefs 101” helps teen guys dig deep into the underlying principles that shape their worldview
Now, my son is not a teenager yet but I must admit that I am not looking forward to those days. Being a teenager in today's world is not easy... I think even moreso than when I was a teen. I am trying to raise my kids to be good Christians in the best way I know how, but with changing times AND no experience as a teenage boy, I would be at a loss to know where to begin. This Bible offers scriptural references to help him learn to navigate the world as a young Christian. There are also sections to help him learn more about what it means to be a Christian. It has a cool style that makes it even appealing to the 'cool guys'.  This is truly a great Bible for every teen guy.

You can purchase the Revolution Bible at your favorite Christian book retailers.

Now for the girls... it seems to me there are a lot more options for teen girls, and among them is the 
NIV True images Bible for Teen Girls:

For 15 years, the best-selling NIV True images Bible for Teen Girls has been a trusted resource guiding teen girls ages 13-18 towards a closer relationship with God. Updated for this generation, this new edition is packed with tools and insight to help teens navigate today’s contemporary cultural issues with confidence, love, and grace.
Facing today’s contemporary issues can be difficult, but the NIV True Images Bible gives teen girls a fresh perspective on faith-related issues and provides tools to navigate a complex world. They will ask the big questions, take valuable lessons to heart, and help others do the same.
Beautifully designed from the inside out, this Bible is filled with challenging insights, honest advice, and personal notes helping teen girls build a closer relationship with God as they set out on a personal journey of their world. Following Jesus isn’t unfashionable or illusive. It’s an authentic way of life!
This newly updated edition uses the accurate, readable, and clear NIV translation and includes features strategically designed to empower teen girls in their quest for truth.
  • Complete text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version
  • 12 Magazine-Style Quizzes that help girls learn more about themselves
  • In-depth introductions establish the context of each book in the Old and New Testaments.
  •  “In Focus” notes explain the Bible’s perspective on contemporary cultural topics such as perfectionism, spiritual growth, eating disorders, pornography, prayer, self-harm, relationships, sex, bullying and popularity on social media
  • Over 300 “Genuine” notes focus on the value of authenticity and true inner beauty.
  • Over 100 “Love Notes” give opportunities to reflect on God’s love.
  • 500 “Dare to Believe” challenges help you discover God’s truth about life and faith.
  • 52 “Mirror Images” share the stories of Biblical women.
  • “Christianity 101” introduces you to the basics of Christianity
  • “Beliefs 101” helps you dig deep into the underlying principles that shape your worldview
Much like the Revolution Bible takes on all those tough topics that today's teens face from a Christian persoective, but this time geared towards the girls! There were two points in this Bible that really stuck out to me in this one. First up the Mirror Images. This takes a look at women in the Bible and shares how girls can look at their stories and apply them to their own lives and relationships. Next up I really love the Love Notes section. This offers a way to dig even deeper with simple prompts and a small area to write thoughts on that prompt. It's packed full of useful information to help girls grow in their faith. And it's also just a really pretty Bible with a lovely design that girls are sure to love.

Have a teen girl in your life that would benefit from True Images? It is available to purchase now at your favorite Christian book retailers.

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  1. My granddaughter is moving into her teen years and this would make a very nice gift for her.

  2. I would love this for my cousin!


  3. I would choose the NIV True images Bible for Teen Girls for my 15 yoa step-daughter. Thanks.

  4. This is something I really could've used as a teen!! I felt so lost in life that something to ground me would have been amazing! To bring me back to christ <3

  5. That looks like a nice one. Thanks for hosting.

  6. I would choose the NIV Revolution for Guys, eldest son is interested in a next level bible to read.


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