Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Mom's Guide To Looking and Feeling Your Best

Let's be honest: motherhood changes us.

No, no... I don't mean it makes us wiser, or stronger... nothing like that (although that's certainly true too), but it changes us physically too. Yes, even us petite mamas feel those insecurities. You see, even if you lose the baby weight and even wear the same clothing size after, our bodies still look and feel different than the ones we had before... and that can be quite the adjustment for mommies of ANY size.

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Today, I wanted to share some quick tips not just on how to have your best body, but also on how to look and feel the best in the body you do have.

  • Stay active. This isn't too hard, right? Running after children, playing chauffeur, referee and more... we never have time to rest! But being that busy, we don't always have time to workout at the gym either. But just staying active and incorporating activities that you can do WITH the children- neighborhood walks, hula hoop, jump rope, etc.
  • Wear the Right Size. I know, I know... it's really tempting to hold onto those smaller sizes that you love... or maybe you just don't want to feel like a failure moving up to a larger size, but that's not the case at all. Instead, wearing the correct size is much more flattering, so don't be afraid of the number on your clothes, instead look for a great fit and style that flatters your CURRENT body.
  • Eat well. It's so easy to forget to take care of us, and even easier to head to the drive thru, but eating well is naturally the first step in looking your best too. The same goes for drinking well. I notice a huge difference in both the way I look AND the way I feel when I'm drinking plenty of water.
  • Wear Not-Stretchy Clothes at Least Once a Week. Don't get me wrong, I love my stretchy waistlines and looser fitting tops as much as the next girl- I do in fact have a whole closet full of Lularoe. But I was recently reading a thread from a group of the same where women- past consultants and just avid wearers like myself- were discussing weight gain since wearing. You see, the problem with wearing stretchy clothes every day was that you don't notice you're gaining weight because the clothes still fit! Still, don't give them up completely, but try to wear jeans or another more fitted option at least once a week to help keep perspective. 
  • Don't live by the scale. Truly, it's just a number. It should be more about how you feel than that pesky ol' number anyway. Confession: while we DO have a scale in our home, the batteries have been out of it for... well, I don't even know!
  • Don't compare. I know, this one is TOUGH. Whether it's comparing ourselves to the models in the magazines, the hot mama next door or even our own previous bodies... we all fall victim to this. Not doing it is easier said than done. But if we live by these comparisons, we will never be able to find happiness in our own bodies. 
  • Enjoy fashion and makeup. These know no size... you can enjoy both fashion and/or makeup no matter your jean size or the number on the scale, so have fun with them. When you want to feel amazing, the fashion you wear plays a big part – you can find some amazing online stores that specialize in women's clothing that flatter your body shape and look super stylish.  Try new fashions that flatter, have fun with accessories or try a great makeup look that makes you feel most confident. For me, that's become a bold lip, but find what works for you. Eyes more your thing? Try Rodan & Fields Lash Boost to give your eyes a little more drama! 
  • Skip the Late Night and/or Stress Snacking. Snacking can be the death of a healthy eating goal, can't it? Whether it's stress or boredom, we can find ourselves late at night snacking away. If we can avoid this type of meaningless snacking, it'll certainly help us meet any goals we may have. (Need a little help with resisting those urges and curbing your appetite for snacking? Check out this article for some useful information on appetite suppressants and learn more about the top 5 appetite suppressants on the market.). 

Have you had a hard time adjusting to your new mom body? Are you trying to improve it, or trying to love it? Either way, I hope these tips have helped. Have tips of your own? Share them in the comments below. 


  1. Such great tips!! I think staying active is especially important!! Its great for your physical and mental health!! Its too easy to become latent and lethargic! Especially in the winter!

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  3. So true on so many levels your tips are. We all think about doing them but, the action is what is needed to feeling better and about ourselves.


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