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The Message Canvas Bible {A #HolidayGiftGuide2017 Review}

**Bible received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

Throughout the last two years that I've been Bible journaling, I have share information about a lot of different journaling Bibles. As Bible journaling continues to grow in popularity, more and more Bibles are being released. And I love it.

When I first started it seemed the options were much more limited. There were just a few translations, and for the most part you might have cover choices, but the layouts were pretty much the same. Then we started seeing more translations- NIV, ESV, NLT, NKJV--- most of the popular ones at least. Then came coloring Bibles that allowed the flexibility of coloring predrawn pages or creating your own works of art. Yes, it seemed like more and more you can journal the Bible in the way that suited your style best.

Now, you can journal The Message too in The Message Canvas Bible!

Center your heart and mind on the story of God with The Canvas Bible as you color nearly 300 hand-drawn illustrations, including 150 hand-lettered Bible verses.

Using The Message’s creative language and vivid metaphors, your imagination will be bursting with ideas for crafting, coloring, and drawing. Meditate on the very words of Scripture, and hear God’s voice speaking to your heart.

  • Make this Bible one of a kind by adding your own beauty and style.
  • Fill the extra space with your own illustrations and prayers.
  • Immerse yourself in the words of Scripture.
  • Decorate this Bible as a gift for someone you love.
  • Slow down as you color and enjoy a more relaxed pace.
  • Let the story of God paint the canvas of your imagination!
What is The Message?

For those not familiar, this is a modern translation that offers a whole new take on the Bible. Unlike other translations of the Bible that seek to interpret the Bible just as it is, The Message is not a word for word exact translation. Instead it creatively uses the way we speak today to share the underlying messages found within the Word. This makes it much more relate-able than even other popular more readable translations. While I would not suggest The Message as the ONLY translation to use, I have always enjoyed having mine on hand for reference. If something I'm reading just isn't making much sense to me, I often turn to The Message to compare. 

So a journaling Bible in The Message!?

Yes, please! For many Bible journalers- myself included- our Bible reading is not always done in our journaling Bible. Oftentimes, I'll read in one Bible, then head to my journaling Bible to journal what I just read. With this Bible, I can find even more great imagery to inspire that journaling, and to give me even deeper understanding on those passages too. For the many who really didn't read their Bible much before they began journaling, this can be a fabulous option as well... a stepping stone into deeper Bible studies perhaps? 

Aside from that, it's absolutely stunning. The illustrations are gorgeous and unique--- very different than other coloring Bibles I have seen in the past. Take a look at just a few of these amazing pages:

Ready to get started journaling The Message? The Message Canvas Bible is available to purchase at your favorite Christian book retailers.


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