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Look Your Best For Fall with These Beauty Tips {+A Lipsense Review}

Fall has arrived! And I am LOVING it. I've made my list of the fall treats I want to bake this year, I'm counting down days until the first trip to the apple orchard, and of course I've already had my fair share of my favorite Starbucks fall drinks... you know, the essentials.

As the weather changes, our beauty routine tends to change too...or at least it should!
Today I'm sharing a few beauty tips to keep you looking your best this fall!

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. As much as I love the fall weather, it can wreak havoc to the skin, so a good moisturizer is a MUST. 
  • Don't forget those lips while you're at it. Chapped lips can put a real damper on your beauty routine and make your lipsticks harder to apply too. Get them fall ready with a simple exfoliater. And use a great moisturizing gloss like Lipsense Glossy Gloss too. I tend to wear mine even when I'm not in the mood for color, just for that extra moisture. 
  • Sunscreen is still important. Protect that skin longterm! We may not think about it as much in the fall when its cooler, but the sun can still cause damage all through the year. I like using a face cream and/or foundation with SPF included so I don't have to think about it. 
  • Go bold. Generally speaking, I love a very simple make-up look for my every day. Foundation, mascara and lip color... that's pretty much it unless I need some concealer on any given day. I love a very natural look. I still love that for fall, but I also feel you can go a little bolder too. Facewise, I keep it the same- maybe a little bronzer as blush... but I bring in the fun with my lip color. A deep red or purple looks fantastic for fall and looks great on an otherwise natural face. If you've got the skills, a great ombre lip is very much on trend for fall. 
  • Bring on the brown. Brown is kind of the essential fall color isn't it? A great brown lip is always ideal for fall. Go for a bolder brown if you're brave or keep it light and more neutral... either way you cannot go wrong. 

As you can see, when it comes to beauty for me personally, it's all about the skin and the lips. Taking proper care of your skin helps you look and feel beautiful- no makeup required... and the lips. Well, lips are just FUN! And for me, nothing is better than Lipsense.

I first tried Lipsense just a few short months ago, and immediately fell in love. I must admit, as much as I had always loved lip color in theory... I hated it in practice. It always wore off before I even got to where I was going and was a hassle to constantly have to reapply. Lipsense takes care of that.

So, what is Lipsense?

It is a non-wax lip color that actually stays put. It's kiss proof, smear proof, rub proof, waterproof... just about everything proof! It can last anywhere from 4-18 HOURS! Pretty amazing, right? And it really works. There have been many nights where I have forgotten to take off my lip color and have woken up the next morning with color still in place. Crazy!

Lipsense is certainly not your typical lip color, and so it applies a little differently too. I think of it as more of a lip system really. Apply 3 thin layers of color allowing to dry between, then top with your Glossy Gloss (or Lipsense Gloss of choice- I happen to love the glitter glosses). It takes just a few minutes longer to apply, but the end results are so worth it.

To get started, you'll want a Starter Kit. This includes one color, one gloss and Oops Remover. While it is strongly recommended to have Oops on hand, you can get away without it if you'd prefer. It's great for those accidental slips as you're working (like I said--- it STAYS), but you can also use something like Neutrogena beauty bar for removal. As far as the colors and gloss, you MUST have both for it to work. You can wear the gloss on its own, but the color requires a gloss. Trust me, your lips will stick together and it just won't be pretty. After you have your initial color and gloss, you can purchase additional colors and glosses on their own.

Aside from the long lasting color, the other thing I love about Lipsense is the versatility. Not only do you have LOTS of colors and glosses to choose from (36 regular colors and more limited releases), you can mix and match to create your own unique colors. As I mentioned above, I love a deep purple for fall--- like Lexie Beary. On my pale skin however, it comes out super dark... darker than I am comfortable with. Add a little Bombshell on top, or even as the 1st and 3rd layers (Lexie Beary as the 2nd), and it tones it down so I still get that bold lip, but it works better for me.

Ready to become a Lipsense fan? Head over to Redgate Beauty to learn more. She has a fabulous selection of colors and glosses to choose from so you're sure to find your perfect shade. There are also some AMAZING beauty tips over there that are definitely worth checking out. You can connect at the links below:

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Have you tried Lipsense yet? What colors are your favorites- or which would you most like to try? 


  1. I want to be a redhead and look as good as you do.
    slehan at juno dot com

  2. A friend gave me a couple Lipsense colors and the Glossy Gloss because she ordered it and didn't like it. I'm on the fence with Lipsense. I like how it stays on so long but I'm not a fan of the weird tingling on the lips when applied.


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