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Keep it Sweet: Healthy Ice Cream Swaps to Try With Your Family

Just because summer has passed, doesn't mean that we have to give up our favorite dessert -- ice cream. Considering that 90% of American households regularly indulge in a sweet frozen treat, there's no such thing as a specific season holding you back from enjoying a dessert you love.

But, eating all this ice cream is not the best for anyone's diet. We're not just talking about your children, but you as well. Unfortunately, only less than 5% of adults are active for more than 30 minutes every day, and only one-third of all adults get the recommended amount of physical activity every week. So, what do you do?

The answer's easy: make healthy ice cream! Luckily enough, there are some easy and simple ice cream swaps that can save you calories, fat, and carbohydrates while not giving up on that frozen flavor you love. Here are some ideas to try out.

Healthy Ice Cream Recipes

Before you go and swap out ice cream toppings, think of your base first. Easy recipes include:
Dairy-free chocolate peanut butter ice cream

This one is so simple. All you need is some frozen bananas, a splash of chocolate soy milk, and a dollop of peanut butter. Blend it all together, leave it in the freezer overnight, and you can even eat it for breakfast.

Fruit ice cream

The best part about this one is that as long as you use frozen bananas and greek yogurt, you can swap out any fruit flavor you'd like. An easy recipe to follow is a full frozen banana, a third of a cup of greek yogurt, and a half a cup of frozen berries. Blend then serve immediately.

Healthy topping swaps

Now that you have two ice cream bases to work with, here are some healthy swaps to consider.

Instead of hot fudge, choose chocolate syrup
We know how important chocolate is for an ice cream sundae, but hot fudge is full of unnecessary fat. Chocolate syrup will give you that chocolate flavor without worry.

Instead of cookie crumbles, choose sprinkles
Get rid of added sugar and carbs with easy sprinkles. A dash is all you need for a colorful sundae.
Instead of peanut butter sauce, choose chopped peanuts
Add crunch to your cup and eliminate fat by using chopped peanuts as a topping instead of peanut butter. You can even get creative by chopping whatever nuts you already have in your home: walnuts, cashews, and almonds all work.
Instead of gummy candies, try marshmellows
You'll still get the gummy feeling, without the additional calories by putting a couple mini marshmallows on your sundae. Or, you can even go one extra step by toasting them beforehand and making your own s'mores sundae.

With these easy swaps, you won't have an excuse not to fill up on these sweet treats. So try some, and let us know what you like the best!


  1. I like making my own ice cream. I also use nut butters to make them, especially cashew butter.

  2. These are some great ideas! We have a Yonanas that makes banana "ice cream". Adding fruits makes tasty products too.

  3. These are some great ideas! I never considered the difference between chocolate syrup & hot fudge.

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