Friday, August 25, 2017

Be Still {Finding Organization in the Back To Busy Season + Planner Supplies from Dayspring} #Dayspring

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Be Still.

We all know these words from the Bible, right? Perhaps we even repeat them in our head on those particularly rough days. But let's be honest, for moms with little ones the idea of being still can seem like a far off fantasy. With back to school season, we find ourselves in an endless sea of extracurricular activities, homework, and more... gone are those lazy days of summer! Back to busy we go!

How- in the midst of it all- are we to be still? How are we supposed to maintain a schedule that keeps our household running smoothly and allows us that time to just BE? Today, I'm sharing a few tips:

  • It's okay to say no. I don't know if it's this social media age we live in or just a general keeping up with the Joneses kind of attitude that's been around for years, but it seems as though among mothers there is this competition. How much can you fit into the day? How many organizations can we volunteer for? How busy can you stay? Sometimes we're made to feel as though if we're not doing it ALL, we're doing our children an injustice. We're made to feel like we're just not a good mom. Perhaps that's something we put upon ourselves, but it's a very real feeling nonetheless. A feeling that can push us to filling our schedules to the point of overflowing. That's not good for anyone! We end up stressed, our kids end up stressed and we have absolutely no time to recoup. So, learn to say no to some things. Pick the activities your children love the most, and let the others take a backseat. If there is an organization or area where you love to be involved, choose that one or two to focus on, say no to the rest. It can be hard for us people pleasers- but in the end we have to find balance and sanity for ourselves and our families. Life can get busy enough just with the things we HAVE to do, we don't need to add onto it!
  • Make Time For God. Isn't it amazing how even just a little time with God can truly help you get through the rest of the day. Often times when we pack our days so full that we don't have room to breathe, we also find that we don't have time for God. I think if we were being honest with ourselves, we've all had this moments in our life. If you want to keep your home running smoothly and everything on the best track possible, we NEED that time. For some, that might mean waking up earlier to have devotional and prayer time before the day begins, for others it's ending their night that way. But even on the busiest days, there are always ways to find time. While you're cleaning, turn on the praise music and worship while you work. Pray throughout the day. Read your Bible, even if just a few verses, as you can. That little bit of time can make a world of difference. Our schedules might not be any lighter, but our burdens can be.
  • Write It All Down. My son says I have the memory of Dory. Sadly, he's not wrong and it would truly be laughable if it weren't such an issue. Needless to say, I've become a big fan of lists! Lists, lists...everywhere and for everything. I would truly be 100% lost without my planner. As things come in, I have to write them down- bills due, pay days, projects due, school events, church events... they all go into the planner! Being a visual personal, this helps me to see exactly what I have coming up at a glance! The reality is we can't completely cut everything out of our schedules, and chances are we are still going to be busy much of the time, but by writing it all down, we can at least keep everything under control.
Aside from being practical, keeping a planner can also be fun too with Planner Supplies from Dayspring!  From memo pads that go straight in the planner, clips to keep you in place and stickers and washi to decorate and remind you of important dates at a glace, they have you covered. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Being a visual personal, I have found that by keeping my planner fun to look at, it helps me stay right on track! Could I use simple post its and a plain ol' notebook and clips? Sure, but I'd grow bored with it before long and it'd be harder to keep up for me! Aside from being cute though, these supplies are incredibly practical. Post its right in my planner!? Yes, please! And with their Christian messages, they also serve as a great reminder to keep God in our daily lives too. You can find all of these planner supplies, and more to keep you focused on God during this busy season from Dayspring.

By saying no where you can, keeping time for God and keeping an organized planner to keep you motivated, you will have all the tools you need to conquer this back to busy season with your sanity in tact. You might even find those moments to be still in the midst of it all!


  1. I love your planner and all of the cute accessories with it. I usually use a planner from the Dollar Tree lol

  2. It helps me to write it all down.
    slehan at juno dot com

  3. I love my planner, it's my splurge I spend on myself for Christmas each year!


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