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Monday, July 31, 2017

BBQ Chicken Pockets: the Best Kid-Friendly Recipe You’ll Make This Summer

Summer is the perfect time for relaxing, getting outside, and getting together with friends. And for most parents, that means the kids are tagging along. So what do you do when you need a kid-friendly dish for your neighbors’ next summer bash? Easy. You make one!

And the best part about this particular BBQ-chicken-pizza-inspired recipe is that the entire process is kid-friendly. Are you ready to get your kids busy in the kitchen? If your answer is yes, then keep reading.

You’ve heard of the four major regional styles of BBQ -- Kansas City, Texas, Memphis, and Carolina-style -- but today you’re going to master kid style barbecue!

Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need:
  • 2 ½ cups cooked chicken, shredded
  • 1 cup red onion, diced
  • 1 cup of your favorite BBQ sauce
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 2 cans crescent roll dough
  • ranch dressing (or any of your favorite dipping sauces!)

To Prep:

Begin by preheating your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. While your oven is preheating, cook and shred your chicken and dice your red onion. In addition, you should separate your crescent dough into individual triangles and evenly space them out on lightly greased baking sheets.

To Cook:

Place your shredded chicken, diced red onion, and BBQ sauce into a large bowl and mix until well-combined. This is a great step for the kids to get in on, too! Once all of those ingredients have been thoroughly mixed, it’s time to get your cheddar cheese and assemble your BBQ chicken pockets.

When filling your crescent rolls, you should aim to place just about a tablespoon of your chicken mixture into the largest end of the triangle. After your chicken mixture is secured on the triangle, sprinkle as much or as little cheese as you’d like over the top. Once this is done, loosely roll up your crescent rolls. If your kids are having trouble rolling without making a mess, here's a great alternative: simply fold the pointed end of the triangle over the chicken mixture instead.

Your assembled BBQ chicken pockets should cook in the oven for 12 to 15 minutes (or until golden brown).

To Finish:

Once the aroma of crescent rolls and BBQ sauce fills the air, it might be hard to resist keeping all of these chicken pockets for yourself! They’re simple, quick, and absolutely delicious with or without a bit of ranch dressing to dip in.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can challenge your kids to take what they’ve learned from this recipe and create an entire BBQ chicken ring with crescent roll dough! Whether they’re up to the challenge or not, you’ll have a great recipe to share with them for years to come. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Every Mile Mattered: New CD From Nichole Nordeman {An #EveryMileMattered Giveaway} #FlyBy

Do you ever hear a song that just speaks to exactly where you are in your life right now?

You know the ones- where you find yourself wondering who had gotten in our head and written down every one of your thoughts. For me, with August about to begin, there is no song that feels more personal to me than Nichole Nordeman's Slow Down...

Slow down
Won't you stay here a minute more
I know you want to walk through the door
But it's all too fast
Let's make it last a little while
I pointed to the sky and now you wanna fly
I am your biggest fan
I hope you know I am
But do you think you can somehow
Slow down

Moms, you get it, right? It truly is the thought of every mom out there. You see, in August both of my kids celebrate big birthdays. My oldest will be TEN years old! TEN! Double digits. It seems as though we were just welcoming him into our world, and how he's already been through a decade! And my baby? She'll be turning FOUR! Something about four just seems a whole lot older than three for some reason! Yes, those words hit true to my heart.

But it's not her only song that has had that affect on me. I first discovered Nichole Nordeman many years ago through her song Legacy. Another amazing song that I found myself relating to, and wanting to live my life by. She certainly has a knack for having that affect on me. And the title track from her newest album is no different. Take a listen:

I don't know about you, but these words hit pretty close to home to me. I often find myself thinking about all the places we've been- the good, the bad, the ugly... and sometimes I find myself wondering what things could have been, or thinking of what I'd like to change. I know deep down that every moment has lead me right to where God wanted me, but you know.. sometimes we need that reminder.

This song and this album are truly the reason that I love music. Slow Down and Every Mile Mattered are only two of the amazing songs featured, but each and every one are amazing. They speak to our hearts in a way that only music can. If you're looking for a great album to pull at those heartstrings, look no further.

Every Mile Mattered is available to purchase now. Find out more and connect at the links below:

Official website - http://nicholenordeman.com
ITunes http://capcmg.me/emm?IQid=b
Spotify http://capcmg.me/emm.sp
Amazon http://capcmg.me/emm.am)

Nichole Nordeman also has a book “SLOW DOWN” coming out in August, pre-order here: http://slowdown-book.com . You can also check out Nichole’s blog http://nicholenordeman.com and sign up for newsletters!

And one very lucky reader is going to win a copy of the CD for themselves. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

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Only one entrant per mailing address, per giveaway.  If you have won a prize from our sponsor Propeller /FlyBy Promotions in the last 30 days on the same blog, you are not eligible to win.  Or if you have won the same prize on another blog, you are not eligible to win it again.  Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Home Remodeling and 'Aging in Place' Quickly Outpacing Relocation for Retirement

Providing for children as they get older is every parent's primary objective, but what happens when it comes time to take care of aging parents? According to a report released in February by Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies, spending on home improvement by individuals 65 and older will account for over one-third of total remodeling revenue by 2025.
Not only does that mean there's more of a focus on accessible housing for senior citizens, it means more retirees are abandoning the practice of relocating, choosing instead to "age in place." And it may be a good thing for both retirees and local businesses alike.
Thanks to baby boomers who want to remain in their current residences, home remodeling professionals have reported an uptick in business. Zach Tyson, co-owner of Tyson Construction in Destrehan, Louisiana, estimates that almost 40% of his current revenue is coming from renovations in senior homes. Five years ago, he was lucky if remodeling projects like these made up close to 20% of his revenue.
"[Accessible housing] is trending up, for sure," Tyson told The Associated Press.
The vast majority of these projects are coming from retirees who are mobile now, but want to be prepared for injury or illness in the future. As a result, home remodeling professionals like Tyson are being inundated with requests for open floor plans, wider doorways, and safer bathrooms.
According to housing expert Gregg Logan, who works with a real estate firm in Orlando, almost 80% of boomers are retiring closer to home or in their current home to stay closer to children and grandchildren.
Are your parents getting close to retirement? If so, here are a few home renovations they may want to consider:
  • New Floors
    Emergency department visits have increased almost 22% in the last decade, and there's no shortage of senior injuries in that statistic. In fact, an estimated 800,000 injuries in people 65 and older were related to stairs, ramps, or floors. Suddenly, carpeting might not sound so bad.
  • Fall-Proof Bathrooms
    In 2015, almost 81% of home remodeling jobs focused on the bathroom. While many of those renovations may have been for aesthetics, bathroom remodeling is incredibly important for aging individuals. Additions like shower benches and support railings can be crucial to their safety.
  • Fire Safety Measures
    Fire safety is especially important for aging individuals who might be living with early symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer's disease. For example, a burner left on in the kitchen could be a tremendous fire hazard, especially if your loved one forgets to turn it off.
Fortunately, we're living in an age where technology enables the completion of a number of tasks. Considering the fact that there are more than 101 million iPhone users in the U.S. alone, it's safe to say that no matter how far away you are, communication will be a given with your aging loved ones.
If you're not too concerned about accessibility just yet, take these things into consideration for the future. After all, it's never too early to take your parents' health and safety into account.

A Mom's Guide To New Car Shopping {with Cars.com}

**Sponsored Post**

Let's talk car shopping.

Now, I like many kind of shopping- back to school shopping? I'm there! Birthday shopping? I'm there! Christmas shopping? I shop all year long.

But car shopping? Well now, that's another story!

It's STRESSFUL! Buying a car is a huge purchase. It's not like buying a sweater that you can return if you decide it's not for you. It's not like a new protein bar that you decided to give a try that you can toss out if you don't like it. Aside from housing, buying a car is probably the biggest purchase most of us will make, and we want to make sure you're getting the right one.

Now, if you've stumbled on this post hoping to find the best cars on the market, or are looking for some expert advice... I'm sorry to disappoint, but you won't find that here. But what you will find are my tips- from one non-car person to another- that I have learned to consider when buying a car:

Consider the Size You Need & Think Ahead.
Of course you want to have a car that is big enough for your family as it is, but don't forget to think ahead too. When my husband and I bought our first car together we didn't plan on having kids for a bit, so a two door Camaro SEEMED like a good idea at the time. Well, let's just say the ink on the paperwork didn't dry before we discovered we needed a larger vehicle. If you're one kid away from third row seating, it might not hurt to cover your bases.

Speaking of Kids--- Take the Car Seats! 
Even if the kids aren't actually at the dealership with you, take their carseats along! I know it's a hassle but when we were shopping for cars most recently, I took my daughter's seat and tested it out in every possibility we looked at- especially if you're rearfacing as that can be a little harder (though not impossible) in a smaller car! If you have three carseats in the backseat, you want to make sure all will fit correctly.

Shop Around.
Don't commit yourself to shopping at one dealership. Look around to find the car you really want at the best price. A few years ago when my husband bought his vehicle, he found what he wanted at one, but decided to check around... just in case. The dealer next door had almost the exact same vehicle, except newer and a better price! 

Read Reviews.
My husband is a car guy and for the most part could tell you what's a good buy and what's not- with some exceptions. Me, however? I couldn't tell you the first thing. So instead I head over to Cars.com to check out expert, non-biased reviews. They'll tell you the good, the bad and the ugly of various models. They share things that matter to the car people like horsepower and cylinders, etc... you know that thing that just goes over MY head... but they also talk about the things that are important to me as a mom- how much cargo space and leg room is available? These in depth reviews will help even the car novice like myself make a wise decision! You can even look at side by side comparisons to give you a better idea of which car is best for you.

But Cars.com isn't just for car reviews! Decide on the model you like? You can browse cars for sale in your area and areas nearby--- allowing you to shop around without driving all over! You can find dealerships, estimate payments and even find vehicles for sale by owner! Have a car to trade off? They can help you sell, or get you a quote on an approximate value on your car.

Not sure if you're ready to sell or fix? They can help you find a service center and get you a quote too! They even offer some service tips for us non-car people!

No matter what your car needs are, Cars.com has them covered! Whether you're looking to buy, sell or repair head on over and make sure you're getting the absolute best out there!

Are you currently shopping for a car or have you recently bought? What tips would you share? How can Cars.com help? 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Shaun's 4th Grade Goals {+ Back To School Savings with Gymboree} #ad #kidgoals #backtoschool

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I was compensated for this post.

Back to school season is HERE! It's hard to believe, but my 'little' man isn't so little anymore and is entering the 4th grade! And let me tell you, he has some big goals this year. I sat him down to chat with him about those goals, and here's what he had to say.

What grade will you be in this year?

What are you most looking forward to in the 4th Grade?
The 4th Grade, that's what! I want to see my friends again.

What are your favorite subjects?
Math and Reading.

What subject do you need to work on this year?

What goals do you want to accomplish by the end of the year?
I want to finish ISTEP and IREAD. I want to be nominated for student council president. I'm going to continue reading my favorite books (Wimpy Kid). I want to have an awesome last year of elementary school.

He certainly is looking forward to getting back to school, and accomplishing a lot this year! What goals do your children have?

No matter their goals, we have to get that off to school on the right foot. That starts with back to school shopping! From supplies to clothes, when they get started with everything they need, those goals are all the more attainable. And nothing is more fun than finding those perfect back to school clothes for your children, right!?

For that Gymboree has us covered!

Gymboree has been celebrating childhood for over 30 years, dressing kids from newborn to 12 years old. We offer colorful, head-to-toe clothing and accessory collections—quality clothes that let kids be kids. At Gymboree, we’re proud to dress your family for the moments that matter most – offering everything from quality playwear that stands the test of playtime to coordinated dressy looks for the perfect family photo. 

Check out these fun looks:

Don't you just love these!? My kids certainly do... the clothes are stylish and fun... and truly the perfect way to show of their own unique sense of style! Head on over and check out the new Back To School Collection at Gymboree today! Plus, through the end of the month, you can save 25% off on back to school styles!

Gymboree Sale On Now!

Have you checked out the Gymboree Back To School Collection? What do you love most?

Sustainability Made Simple {A Growing a Green Family Giveaway}

**Product received for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own.


We hear a lot of chatter around this word, but what does it mean? Let's take a quick look at the definition:

noun: sustainability
-the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
-avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance

Let's be honest... we waste a whole lot more than we need to, don't we? Paper towels, paper plates, disposable diapers, bottled water... that's a whole lot paper and plastic heading straight to the garbage isn't it? And it's not just those disposable goods, but think about everything else we buy and the packaging it comes in. Have you opened a toy lately!? The amount of packaging is insane. Water, power... we use all these resources at rates that cannot possibly be kept up with long term.

This is why sustainability is so important!

Now, I'll be honest, I'm far from perfect on this either. While there are many changes we have made to live a more sustainable life, I certainly have room for improvement, but I also believe that even the smallest of changes can add up to make a huge difference.

What are some ways that my family has sought sustainability?

  • Cloth Diapers Over Disposable. When my daughter was still in diapers this was a HUGE change we made. Think of how many diapers we would have went through in the three years she was in them!
  • Reusable Kitchen Towels Over Paper Towels. Admittedly we keep a roll of paper towels on hand for 'emergencies' (pet messes, for example), but 99% of the time, we clean up messes with a dish towel. 
  • Reusable Kitchen Storage Containers Over Ziplocs. Skip the zipper bags and go with plastic/glass/silicone containers instead. You can find many great options for ALL your food storage needs- freezer, fridge, even lunchbox sandwich bags! 
  • Reuseable Shopping Bags. Take your own bags when you shop to reduce plastic waste. (Forget? Opt for paper OR save those plastic bags for bathroom trash, etc...)
  • Use Cold Water for Laundry. Cold water uses less energy and still gets your clothes just as clean! 
These are just a few simple changes we've made but what are some other ways you can live a more sustainable life? Today I'm excited to introduce you to a new book that well help you do just that- Sustainability: Made Simple-

Sustainability Made Simple is an introduction to sustainability and sustainable living that explores the relationship between everyday life and the intricate global environmental issues of today, including air and water pollution, deforestation, and climate change. Rosaly Byrd and Laurèn DeMates offer an optimistic yet realistic perspective on our impact on the environment, giving much needed guidance to those who are interested in finding new and relatively easy ways to incorporate sustainability into daily life. 

An excellent resource for those who are interested in learning what sustainability is about and picking up habits to be more sustainable, Sustainability Made Simple shows that adopting a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t require “going off the grid” or making drastic life changes that take time and cost money. Instead, Byrd and DeMates focus on the advantages and transformative changes associated with sustainability, demonstrating that although society is facing unprecedented environmental challenges, working towards sustainability is an opportunity to do things differently and do things better, enhancing aspects of life, such as health, work and community. 

This book is fantastic! It is packed full of facts and science, but also full of practical tips to cut out waste, save energy and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Having been on this journey for a few years, there was much that I did know and tips that I had put into place in my home already, but there were many more that I had never thought of. It's broken down into all different areas to make it easy to follow too. When I've talked to people about making the change, I've often suggested to start in one area and move on from there rather than trying to do it all at once. I find for myself, that makes the transition a little easier and you won't fall back on old habits if it becomes too much to keep up with. For that reason, I really liked that the book was broken up like that! From home to work to school, this book will have you looking at changes big and small you can make for YOUR family!

You can find out more and connect at the links below:

*Lauren and Rosaly’s blog: https://thesustainabilitycooperative.net/
* Please follow Lauren and Rosalyn on Twitter: @sustain_cooptve
* Please follow Rosaly and Lauren on Instagram: @sustainability_cooperative

And one very lucky reader is going to win a  “Growing a Green Family" Prize Pack, which is comprised of  Sustainability Made Simple and a large reusable Baggu tote bag that is perfect for trips to the grocery store, the mall or even the beach.  The cherry print is just too cute and these bags last forever and are machine washable.   ARV $50. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Be A Dinner Hero with Revolution Foods {A Giveaway} #howdoyouhero #revolutionfoods

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School is back in session... well, almost anyway!

We're in our final week of summer vacation here, and while some moms are breathing a sigh of relief for a much needed break, let's be honest... with the school year comes even more busy-ness. Our lazy summer days are over. In their place, we get that daytime break if we're lucky, and then those after school nights are packed. Piles of homework to be done, after school activities, fall sports... the list goes on. It's enough to have us wishing summer break lasted a little longer, right?

In our family, we try to eat healthy, but those busy nights can make it tough... especially when tied in with my husband's crazy work schedule. Oftentimes in the evenings it's just me and the kids, trying to juggle it all. How are we to find the time (and the energy) to prepare a meal that is both delicious AND healthy too? Let's be honest--- how many times have you found yourself just picking up the phone to order in on nights like this?

Don't you wish there was a better option?

With Revolution Foods, there IS!

What is Revolution Foods?

Revolution Foods was founded 10 years ago by two moms who wanted to change the way that kids eat in America. We are the leading provider of healthy family meals across the nation, serving over 2 million school meals a week over 2 million freshly-prepared meal a week in 1000+ schools nationwide. Integral to our success is a deep commitment to nutrition, childhood education and sustainable supply chains—things we all care a great deal about. Now, we are bringing our recipe for success to stores too, with convenient, healthy solutions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our Breakfast Hero and Dinner Hero products are a healthy choice for busy parents, but still packed with fun and flavor for the whole family!

Sounds fantastic, right? I thought so too, so I was thrilled to have the chance to try them out.

Now, when it comes to 'boxed food prep kits'... my first thoughts usually go to 'unhealthy' and 'not the best'. Anyone else feel the same? There's just something lacking in the lack of freshness I've found, so I always disliked cooking out of a box. But these are DIFFERENT! Here's how:

  • They taste great. Typical boxed meals tend to all be about the same flavor wise, powdered cheeses with noodles, just add meat. I'm not a huge fan. These kits offer REAL and unique flavors! Sesame Garlic, Smoky Tomato, Fiesta Taco and Coconut Curry... sure beats hamburger macaroni, don't you think!? These are flavors the whole family can appreciate!
  • They're healthy! No powdered cheeses here! They instead feature real sauces and chef crafted spice blends! They feature over 40g of whole grains an have no artificial colors or flavors! Flavors compliment a variety of protein types (chicken, beef, pork, tofu, fish & more!) No mom guilt here, these are boxed meals you can feel great about feeding your family!
  • They're easy and convenient! Just three simple steps and you are done! the kits include just about everything you need! Protein of choice, a bit of oil and water are the only extras you'll need! Cook your grains, saute your protein, add your flavor, then build your bowls... a healthy and delicious meal for 4 on the table in about 30 minutes! 

Revolution Foods mission is to build life-long healthy eaters by making family-inspired, chef-crafted food accessible to all, and this kit certainly accomplishes that! From the great home cook who just needs a break on those busy night to the novice who needs a little help in the kitchen, these kits are ideal! Even better? Revolution Foods also donates 1% of our retail sales to schools to help provide fresh meals to their students every day. Amazing!

My family loved these kits, and plan on making them a regular in our home!

Want to learn more and find them in your area? Visit and connect at the links below:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/revolutionfoods
Instagram - @revolutionfoods
Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/revolutionfoods/
Twitter - @revolutionfoods

And one very lucky reader is going to get to win 10 free product coupons to experience Revolution Foods for themselves. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Expecting A Baby? Tips For Prepping Your House Before Your Little One Arrives

No matter how far you are into your pregnancy, you are likely buzzing with joyful anticipation. Your family is about to grow, bringing you into the whirlwind of parenthood. But while this is an exciting life step, it could also be bringing up some anxiety. Safety in particular may be of concern. As you go about your day, you might notice even the smallest household hazards around the house.

So, what can you do to prep your home for your baby's arrival?

Fortunately, there are specific steps you can take to make your home child-ready. Use this first-time parent's baby proofing guide to get started -- and remember to add your own safety touches as you go!

  1. Amp Up Your Cleaning Routine
While some exposure to germs and dirt may be important for your baby's immune system, they still don't have the immunity that you do. Get in the habit of sanitizing surfaces more often than you normally would. This is especially true for objects like doorknobs, coffee tables, TV remotes, as well as floors and carpets. If you have older kids, explain the importance of hand washing and keeping their spaces clean. But of course, go easy on yourself. You'll be busy once the baby arrives.
  1. Make Kitchen Adjustments
Even though a minor kitchen remodel has an average ROI of 82.7%, you don't need to tear out your countertops and appliances to prepare for you baby. Rather, make small adjustments. Place locks on the cabinets, clean out your fridge, and keep sharp objects out of reach. Make a space in the fridge for bottles and make sure you have all the gear necessary to feed your baby.
  1. Manage Electronics
While homes with small children may already have this prevention tip on lock, it's important to tuck away wires and cover your outlets. Once your baby starts to crawl, it's especially critical to keep electronics off the ground or low surfaces. Many parents have had to replace an expensive smartphone after a toddler started tugging on the charging cord. The same goes for any small objects and devices that have batteries. Parents has great advice on how to best safeguard your baby from these electronic hazards.
  1. Remove Mold Sources
Making your home a more sanitary environment is always a smart idea to keep your family healthy, but it's especially important to protect your little ones. By removing any sources of mold, you are keeping potentially hazardous substances out of the air. This includes cleaning your gutters, which should be done twice per year, cleaning your windows, inspecting your closets, and having your home vents cleaned.
  1. Furnish Ahead Of Time
Once the baby arrives, you aren't going to want to think about buying essential items. You probably have already furnished the baby's room, but you should also place additional carriers around the house, have your breast pump ready, set up your changing tables, and have the baby bath ready. This will give you all the tools you'll need to welcome your little one into your home.
  1. Prepare Your Pet
Many new parents get worried that their pets will not adapt to having a baby around the house. But you need not worry. If you are one of the 46.3 million U.S. households that have a dog or the 38.9 million households that have a cat, there are steps you can take to get your animal ready for a new friend. WebMD suggests letting your dog or cat wander around the baby's room, placing baby lotion around the house, and playing audio tracks of baby sounds.

Of course, in addition to the above items, take the time to take care of yourself, too. Your body is working hard to nurture your unborn baby, so it's important for you to nurture yourself.

"It’s a good thing pregnancy takes a full nine months, because expectant parents need that much time to prepare for the big event," Sharon Johnson writes in Babble. "But in the rush to paint the nursery, buy baby furniture, and attend to the myriad details of bringing baby home, a mother’s needs can often get pushed to the bottom of the priority list. This needn’t be the case."

By taking time to prepare yourself, your partner, your other children, your pet, and your home for a new baby, you can make the transition as smooth as possible. While it may seem overwhelming, remember to take it one step at a time and remember that it will all be worth it once your new child is home safely.

Get a New Look and No Commitment with Divatress Wigs {#Divatress #beauty #ad}

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Divatress. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

When you think of wigs, what comes to mind?

For me, I must admit my initial thought is Halloween... though perhaps that's just my planning mind thinking ahead! Then of course I think of those who wear wigs due to medical conditions or treatments that cause hair loss.

Both are great reasons to shop wigs, but some women just like wigs for every day. And honestly, who could blame them!? Why be stuck with one hairstyle day in and day out when with the simple switch of a wig, you can create a whole new look! Blond one day, redhead the next. Short, long, curly or straight... the possibilities are endless! No frequent trips to the salon or waiting to change out a bad color or waiting for a bad cut to grow! It just makes sense, right? These days wigs can be made so well that you'd never even know!

Whether it's a special occasion or just because, Divatress has all your wig needs covered!

Divatress is a leading e-commerce company offering thousands of wigs and hair care products. From professionals to working moms to students and more, they offer great wigs for EVERYONE! These are just a few of my favorites---

These classic styles will look great on just about everyone for a simple every day look. Or take it to another level with these fun styles:

I can't think of a better way to try out new styles and new colors without the long term commitment! Like these styles but not the colors? They have many different color options to choose from so you can find the ones that best suit your skin tone and personal taste! Head on over to see more great wigs and more to make you feel like a true Diva too!

Do you wear wigs? Have you thought about it? Which styles from Divatress are your favorite?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Minnie's Happy Helpers Now on DVD {+ A Giveaway}

**DVD received for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

In this house, we LOVE all things Disney.

For my daughter, that love started with Minnie Mouse! From the time she was a baby she was drawn to Minnie in her pretty dresses and gorgeous bows. That love has only grown as she's gotten older. She is STILL every bit as Minnie obsessed. So needless to say when a new DVD featuring Minnie from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes out, it's like Christmas in our home!

Today, the newest DVD- Minnie's Happy Helpers- is available on DVD! Check it out:

The Happy Helpers are on their way! 

When Minnie and Daisy aren’t racing around Hot Dog Hills, they’re helping their friends with fun, odd jobs as The Happy Helpers. And no task is too big or too small for them to tackle! With a quick spin in their Turn-Styler, the Happy Helpers are ready for anything that comes their way. Whether they’re babysitting an egg that’s about to hatch, planning the perfect luau for a client, or fixing London’s Big Ben just in time for tea, Minnie and Daisy are ready to go the extra mile, with a song and a smile! 

Episodes:         Egg-Xasperating!
                        Happy Hula Helpers!
                        Tea Time Trouble!
                        Happy Birthday Helpers!
                        Bed, Breakfast and Bungled!
                        Gone Fishin’!

Bonus Episode: Teed Off!

My daughter is in that stage where at 4 years old, she is perfectly capable of helping... but doesn't always WANT to. Oooh, what a stage that is! Anyone else going through that? Well, this DVD might just be the solution you are looking for! It's every bit as fun as every other Minnie Mouse DVD, but shows our favorite friends helping others. That's a pretty important lesson, right? Whether it's cleaning up their messes or opening a door, it's never too early to teach our little girls (and boys) the importance of offering a helping hand! Minnie Mouse serves as the perfect example that kiddos will listen to. Let's be honest, which appeals more to a preschooler--- a mama saying 'do it' or Minnie Mouse saying it's fun to be helpful!?

And it's packed in so much fun, the kids will never know they are actually learning a great lesson! They'll also enjoy the customizable Happy Helpers chart, that will help put those messages into action!

If you have a Minni Mouse fan in your home, this is one DVD they are not going to want to miss! It is available in stores TODAY!

While you wait, you can also enjoy these fun activities too!

 Download Minnie's Happy Helpers Activities

And one very lucky reader is going to win a DVD for themselves! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

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Hiding From the Kids In My Prayer Closet: A Book Review

**Book received for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own. 
For me, motherhood seemed like my calling. I had always loved kids and babysat when I was a young teen, so it just seemed like something that would come naturally to me. And in many ways, it did... though I think nothing can ever quite prepare you for motherhood, no matter how 'made for it you might be'.

Still, I am the mom that lives and breathes for my kids. I love planning fun kid parties and doing kids crafts... I live for trips to the zoo or fun 'kid' activities. But I must admit, as much as I love my kids and being a mom, sometimes even I find myself wishing I had a place to hide for a few moments of peace. You all know what I mean, right? When you cannot even get a chance to pee without a little hand peeking under the door...or just barging right in!

And that's coming from a 'natural' mom... the mom who dreamed of motherhood. Imagine those who never saw themselves in that role. The ones who love their kids but would rather skip the play dates and mommy groups. What about those moms?

Today, I'm excited to share a book just for those 'un-moms', Hiding From the Kids in My Prayer Closet:

Soon after Jessica Kastner became a mother, she wondered if she was the only mom who found pretend play more boring than watching playdough harden and who dreaded yet another friend’s Instagram post of homemade deliciousness.
In Hiding from My Kids in the Prayer Closet, Kastner shares her experience as an “unmom”—a mom who loves her kids more than she loves the daily experience of mothering. She helps readers laugh at the ridiculous, delight in the unpredictable, and enjoy being the mothers God made them to be.

Kastner pin1
First of all, can we just talk about that title for a minute!? Hilarious! What mom truly and honestly hasn't related to that sentiment on occasion. As I said, I love everything about motherhood, but I felt it too! We're human, after all!

But truly, this book is AMAZING! I may not be the target audience, but I found myself laughing at each turn of the page, and even relating in some areas too. Mothering through the eyes of someone who doesn't live and breathe and define themselves with that title offers a whole new and interesting perspective to all those experiences, and truly helps you get a better understanding of all types of mothering.

Kastner pin2
And here's the thing that's clear to me. You don't have to be the mom that spends all day every day with her kids to be a great mom. You don't have to be the mom that lives for class parties and is the first to volunteer in all clubs to be a great mom. You don't have to wake up 2 hours early to prepare your kids a fancy lunchbox to be a great mom. You don't have to spend months preparing your kids' homemade Halloween costumes each year. And that Elf on the Shelf? Yeah, you don't have to kill yourself coming up with fancy scenarios for that either. Being a great mother has nothing to do with these preconceived notions of what a typical mom SHOULD look like, but really is all about how much you love your kids... that's the only thing that matters!

This book is a must read for the 'unmom', but truly is a great read for all moms. Motherhood is crazy and messy and exhausting... but it's fun and there's a lot of laughter to be found, and that is JUST what this book provides!

Learn more and purchase a copy.

Want to see what other bloggers are saying? Check it out here: 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Introducing the All New Illustrated Faith Devotional Kits- New Format! Lower Price! #IF_Persevere #IllustratedFaith

**Product received as part of the Illustrated Faith Launch Team. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

Each month, I love the excitement of going to my mailbox and finding the new Illustrated Faith devotional kit. As part of the launch team, I very rarely get to see these kits before they arrive, so it's a little bit like Christmas each and every month.

Likewise I know many of you look forward to the big reveal too! Towards the middle of the month, I'll start getting messages asking for the updates. Needless to say, I love sharing. But one comment I hear so often is that the price tag is just too high!

Well, Dayspring heard you...AND they listened! This month, I'm super excited to introduce an all new format  at a brand new price point! New kits are now just $20! That's a $10 price drop!

Today, I wanted to walk you through the new kit- Persevere- and share the changes! Take a look:

The first change is it's packaging. In the past, all the kits had come in fun little zipper pouches that coordinated to the theme of the month. They now come in a super handy clear plastic envelope--- the perfect size for journaling on the go!

Next up all new journaling/devotional cards. These will take the place of the devotional booklet. Each kit includes 4 devotional cards and 4 journaling cards- one for each week.

Now, I must admit when I read about this change I wasn't too sure how I would like it, but once I saw the cards in person I LOVED it. I have been using them for tip ins right in my journal so I can look back over them often and know just what I was reading that inspired my journaling. They are typical postcard size- 4 x 6- so also ideal to be framed or a great idea for happy mail.

Speaking of the tip ins, these were another fun change in the kit. In the past the tip ins were simple margin size, rectangular shapes. To be honest, I most often used mine for bookmarks. But these heart shaped tip ins add a fun new element that I for one am thrilled with!

What's that!? Precut die-cuts!? YES!!!!

I LOVE die cuts! I use them most often in my journaling, and while I loved the fussy cuts included in the previous kits, I didn't enjoy the actual cutting. Frankly, I'm just not good at it! These are precut, and I feel like you get MORE! Not to mention, these particular ones are gorgeous! 

Of course to reach the lower price point, some small cuts had to be made somewhere and one place we see that is in the stamps. While stamps are still included, they're a bit smaller than past stamp sets. Still, they're the perfect size for journaling and the designs are every bit as stunning!

The kit still included two sheets of stickers, as it did before. The sheets are a bit smaller in size, but aside from the alphabet stickers which were no longer included, I again feel like you actually got more here. This kit was the first to feature gold foil, as seen in these stickers and throughout, which was also a HUGE plus for me! 

Washi has been a favorite kit feature from day one, so I am happy to report there are no changes there! We still get a roll of washi- same size, same fabulous designs!

 Overall, I am THRILLED with the changes! Like I said, the kit is in some ways a little bit smaller than previous kits, BUT I feel like you really get just as much if not more--- just in a slightly different format!  I am super excited about the changing formats and look forward to seeing the future kits!

And again, they are now just $20!!! PLUS, order before July 31 and use the code THANKYOU for 25% off your purchase! Amazing! 

What do you think of the all new kit? Love it? Miss something from the previous kit? I want to hear all about it! 

Look Great All Day with Lipsense {A Giveaway Hop Event} #CruisingToWin #THBhop #LipsenseGiveaway

Welcome to the Cruising to Win Giveaway Hop brought to you by The Hopping Bloggers!
Sponsored By: Honeycat Cosmetics


Grand Prize: One (1) "Fishnet" gift set and one (1) Honeycat Cosmetics signature "Chick of The Sea" chocolate/raspberry/mint bath salt. About Button Diapers: Ancient Egyptians believed that cats could make their female masters irresistible! Honeycat is a line of gourmet bath, body and spa products for ladies who love cats (sorry kitties, not for you). All of their products have a feline theme and you won't find just ordinary scents with these guys. "Calico-cuccino" hazelnut/latte body scrub, "Maine Coon Saloon" Kentucky Bourbon scented bath bombs, "Grooming Day" sweet potato pie scented bubble bath, "We Knead Each Other" bamboo/sea salt shower gel, or "Be Mice To Me" pineapple/cilantro bath bomb and shower gel. Made in the US and never tested on animals. Pounce on over and check em out at www.honeycatcosmetics.com ...and get your purr on!
Each giveaway has a value of a minimum of $15, however some are worth much more. Be sure to enter to win all of them because there is no limit to how many you can win. GOOD LUCK!

**Product received for consideration. All thoughts are 100%  my own.
When it comes to lip color, I have a love/hate relationship!

When I put on a great color I gloss, I find myself feeling confident and beautiful.... not like the frumpy mom I feel like most days. I feel like I can take on the day, looking and feeling great! Crazy what a great color can do, right?

But then it wears off.

The 'wonder woman' attitude right along with the color.

It seems that without fail, by the time I get to where I'm going, the lipstick is gone and frumpy mom is back. Some days its just easier to skip the whole process... what's the point? Why go through the process and add on the expense if it's just going to fade away.  Do you ever feel like this? What's a mama to do?

When my friends all started talking about Lipsense, I was intrigued... but skeptical. These videos had to be too good to be true--- you know the ones I mean, right? Taking a drink, kissing their hand, wiping their lips... and it DOESN'T budge. Had to be some kind of movie magic!

Then I tried it for myself.

There is certainly some kind of magic at work here, but it's NOT movie magic. This stuff WORKS. I don't know how, I won't even pretend to, but it DOES. I'm a kisser. My kids gets kissed probably 100 times a day each. With Lipsense, it didn't budge... my lips still had color and my kids faces did not. When I took a drink, no color on the glass! I actually had put some on one afternoon and didn't remove before bed, I woke up with the color still in tact! Lipsense truly is not your average lip color!

Even the application is a little different.

To start, Lipsense is more of a lip color system. When you make your initial purchase, you'll start out with a Starter Kit which includes a color of choice, a Glossy Gloss lip gloss and Oops Remover.

You'll start with the color. There are many colors to choose from from neutrals to super fun and bright. For this review I received Beige Champagne. When it comes to make up, I tend to to stick with more neutral colors so this was a great choice for me. To apply, you'll add three thin layers--- allowing to dry just slightly between each layer. Some say your lips will tingle a little bit when you start using but I have sensitive skin and did not experience this at all, so don't let that scare you off! Allow that to dry completely.

Once that's dry, add on your gloss. While there are other glosses available, most will recommend Glossy Gloss to start. It's INCREDIBLY moisturizing and helps keep your lips healthy and your color looking great all day long. It's completely sheer and allow the color to shine through beautifully. You can also get other glosses that can add tints or even a matte look too, but again Glossy Gloss is recommended for newcomers. These glosses CAN be used on their own without color, but color cannot be used without the gloss as your lips WILL stick together.

But what if you mess up? That's where the Oops Remover comes in. While this is not required, it's good to have on hand- especially if you're not the best at applying color! Like I said, it doesn't budge, so if you make a mistake or need to remove for any reason, the Oops Remover will help you do so.

That might sound like a lot of work, but I promise it's not! I don't spend a lot of time on makeup- I have two kids, I don't have the time, but this fits in just fine. It adds maybe a minute or two onto my routine, but I just utilize that time by applying my mascara while I wait for the color to dry! It takes just a few minutes, and your lips will look great all day long... without a smudge!

Just one color in and I can honestly say I'm HOOKED.

Ready to stop the constant reapplying of color throughout the day? Try Lipsense today!

Head on over to check out our lovely sponsor Monica Trudell at the link below:

Join Lovely Lips & More by Monica

Interested in learning more about the business opportunity? She'll be happy to help you with that too! Get your personal collection at a discount, and earn some extra income too! Or host a party to earn some new colors free/discounted. Fill out this quick form for more information.

And she's giving one very lucky reader the chance to win a gloss of your choice plus a surprise gift! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be contacted via e-mail after giveaway ends, and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. One entry per household, winning entry will be verified. Odds of winning depend on valid entries received. A Modern Day Fairy Tale is not responsible for prize delivery.


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