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Look Great All Day with Lipsense {A Giveaway Hop Event} #CruisingToWin #THBhop #LipsenseGiveaway

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When it comes to lip color, I have a love/hate relationship!

When I put on a great color I gloss, I find myself feeling confident and beautiful.... not like the frumpy mom I feel like most days. I feel like I can take on the day, looking and feeling great! Crazy what a great color can do, right?

But then it wears off.

The 'wonder woman' attitude right along with the color.

It seems that without fail, by the time I get to where I'm going, the lipstick is gone and frumpy mom is back. Some days its just easier to skip the whole process... what's the point? Why go through the process and add on the expense if it's just going to fade away.  Do you ever feel like this? What's a mama to do?

When my friends all started talking about Lipsense, I was intrigued... but skeptical. These videos had to be too good to be true--- you know the ones I mean, right? Taking a drink, kissing their hand, wiping their lips... and it DOESN'T budge. Had to be some kind of movie magic!

Then I tried it for myself.

There is certainly some kind of magic at work here, but it's NOT movie magic. This stuff WORKS. I don't know how, I won't even pretend to, but it DOES. I'm a kisser. My kids gets kissed probably 100 times a day each. With Lipsense, it didn't budge... my lips still had color and my kids faces did not. When I took a drink, no color on the glass! I actually had put some on one afternoon and didn't remove before bed, I woke up with the color still in tact! Lipsense truly is not your average lip color!

Even the application is a little different.

To start, Lipsense is more of a lip color system. When you make your initial purchase, you'll start out with a Starter Kit which includes a color of choice, a Glossy Gloss lip gloss and Oops Remover.

You'll start with the color. There are many colors to choose from from neutrals to super fun and bright. For this review I received Beige Champagne. When it comes to make up, I tend to to stick with more neutral colors so this was a great choice for me. To apply, you'll add three thin layers--- allowing to dry just slightly between each layer. Some say your lips will tingle a little bit when you start using but I have sensitive skin and did not experience this at all, so don't let that scare you off! Allow that to dry completely.

Once that's dry, add on your gloss. While there are other glosses available, most will recommend Glossy Gloss to start. It's INCREDIBLY moisturizing and helps keep your lips healthy and your color looking great all day long. It's completely sheer and allow the color to shine through beautifully. You can also get other glosses that can add tints or even a matte look too, but again Glossy Gloss is recommended for newcomers. These glosses CAN be used on their own without color, but color cannot be used without the gloss as your lips WILL stick together.

But what if you mess up? That's where the Oops Remover comes in. While this is not required, it's good to have on hand- especially if you're not the best at applying color! Like I said, it doesn't budge, so if you make a mistake or need to remove for any reason, the Oops Remover will help you do so.

That might sound like a lot of work, but I promise it's not! I don't spend a lot of time on makeup- I have two kids, I don't have the time, but this fits in just fine. It adds maybe a minute or two onto my routine, but I just utilize that time by applying my mascara while I wait for the color to dry! It takes just a few minutes, and your lips will look great all day long... without a smudge!

Just one color in and I can honestly say I'm HOOKED.

Ready to stop the constant reapplying of color throughout the day? Try Lipsense today!

Head on over to check out our lovely sponsor Monica Trudell at the link below:

Join Lovely Lips & More by Monica

Interested in learning more about the business opportunity? She'll be happy to help you with that too! Get your personal collection at a discount, and earn some extra income too! Or host a party to earn some new colors free/discounted. Fill out this quick form for more information.

And she's giving one very lucky reader the chance to win a gloss of your choice plus a surprise gift! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

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  1. I would try Beige Champagne, because I use a like pinkish color on most items.

  2. they all look really nice i think i would try the glossey frist

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  4. I would like Aussie Rose. I prefer a color that is more natural.

  5. Strawberry Shortcake looks like a color I would like to have!

  6. I would love to try the Beige Champagne! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  7. I'd like to try Nude or Mauve Ice.

  8. I think I like how the Beige Champagne looks.


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