Monday, June 26, 2017

Why Moms Like Myself Love MLM/ Direct Sales

Admit it... you saw MLM in the title of this post and shuddered a little bit, didn't you?

MLM- or multi level marking- gets a bad reputation. So often our newsfeeds are loaded with someone trying to sell us something different, or asking us to join their teams. Hey, I'm a director with Paparazzi, and even I find it to be a lot at points- I totally get it!

But what's the appeal of these businesses? Why are so many women (and yes, some men) jumping on board? Today, I'm sharing my thoughts-

  • Extra Income. Let's be honest, life is expensive. As much as we would love to, it is hard to live on one income these days! These companies allow stay at home moms like myself to contribute something to the family budget. Some might argue that earnings in these companies is minimal at best--- but here's the thing, when you're living paycheck to paycheck, that extra $100-200 is a HUGE difference! (Though I do recommend everyone have reasonable expectations--- while it's possible to make a great income, it's not always as easy as some make it out to be--- it IS work!)
  • Work From Home. Listen, there's a reason that these businesses appeal so much to stay at home moms--- again it's the income from above, but we can get that from any ol' job right? But with these companies like Paparazzi or Scentsy, etc... we can work from home and spend more time with our families--- and we don't have to worry about high childcare costs. 
  • The Community. Being a stay at home mom can be isolating at times, we spend day in and day out with little people who aren't the best conversationalists. When we start with these companies, it can be a great outlet for us for adult interactions- both with team members and our customers. Money aside, some women love it just for that!
Aside from all of that, the products are often amazing! Even those companies I don't represent are among some favorites of mine. My closet overflows with LLR. My jewelry box is filled not JUST with Paparazzi, but Stella & Dot too. My daughter's closet? Dot Dot Smile. Don't even get me started on my Scentsy stash! There are so many great companies out there, there truly is something for everyone.

Wanting to learn more about the various MLM brands out there? Check out this link for a look at the 50 Best Companies of 2017. Whether you're looking to join or looking to shop, you're sure to find some interesting options!


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