Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pool Safety Tips for Your Little Scuba Explorers

Summer is officially here, which means it's pool season for you and the kiddos! While this should be a season filled with fun in the sun, it's important to practice proper poolside safety to ensure your kids have a safe and happy summer vacation. Here are a few important tips that you need to keep in mind.

Swimming Lessons

The first step in getting your kids ready for the pool is enrolling them in swimming lessons. Even the 3.27 million people who participated in scuba diving in 2015 had to start somewhere! Learning the basics of swimming and water safety is incredibly important, especially at a young age. And you've got options, too! From private lessons to classes you can take with your children, getting involved in swimming lessons is easy and essential.

Always Supervise

No child should be allowed in the pool without adult supervision at all times. This applies to pools of all sized from a full sized pool to a smaller inflatable pool too. If there is a group of adults at a pool party, there should always be at least one parent watching the water. In addition, younger children should always be within reach of a parent or a strong swimmer. This ensures that if they're struggling, they can always receive help from someone nearby.

Know Your Floaties

Flotation devices are a great way to give children greater mobility and parents more peace of mind, but remember: floaties don't guarantee safety in the pool. Water Safety Magazine's Jenelle Lockard writes, "Because water wings are used on the upper arms, they prevent a child from using the correct swimming stroke ... if a child raises their arms above their head, their head can sink down below the water's surface."

So before you buy the first pair of floaties you see, make sure you're doing your research to see which flotation devices provide greater security for your child in the pool.

If you follow any pool safety guide this summer, let it be this one. These safety measures are absolutely essential for your child to have. Once you've mastered all these things, it's time for you and your children to have a wonderful, fun-filled summer!


  1. Your points are very good. Swimming lessons was always required in our household till kids were right up to being a lifeguard. If they wanted to continue they could.


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