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Jump Start Spring Cleaning with Pfizer Pediatrics {A Pfizer Pediatrics + Visa Gift Card Giveaway} #Sponsored #SickJustGotReal

This post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Spring has arrived! That means gardening. That means spring rain. That mean spring holidays and events. And it also means spring cleaning!

I cannot honestly say that I look forward to that part of spring, but with the changing weather, there is no better time to do it. But, where do we start? For me, it's getting rid of some of the clutter that accumulates through the year. Springtime is the perfect time to do this--- just in time for yard sale season! Today I'm sharing my top four places to start to help you get your home cleared out for spring!

The Closets.

This one is a given right? With warm weather approaching, this is the ideal chance to figure out what the children have outgrown, and what you will no longer wear. This is always where I start! Grab a couple of boxes- one for donating and one for a yard sale. Sort accordingly.

The Toys.

I do a toy box sweep twice a year... once a few months before Christmas to make room for the inevitable stockpile of new ones and again in the spring in preparation of yard sales and summer birthdays. Kids are almost always changing their minds, so what was played with 6 months ago might be collecting dust now. Again, sort into boxes for donating or selling.

The Pantry.
Again, I try to do this a few times a year, just to make sure things aren't expiring. Mostly, we go through things quick enough that that doesn't happen, but it can also be a good way to remind us of what we have so we can use it up before it does. If there are items you've had awhile and haven't used and cannot see yourself using soon, make a box to take to your local food pantry.

The Medicine Cabinet.

This one is one that I need to work on myself too! I'll be honest...I couldn't tell you the last time I went through and checked my medicine cabinet for expiration dates. My kids aren't sick to the point of using medicine often, so I just don't think about it too much. Until I need it. If ever there was a bad time to find out that the cough syrup has now expired it's when your child is doubled over coughing with a fever and unable to sleep at night. Because let's be honest, most of the time, these things hit at night when everything is closed! Or if not at night, you still don't want to drag a sick child out to pick up medicine, right? So while we're doing the rest of our cleaning out--- check expiration dates... clear out what's expired and make a list on what you need to stock. Remember, sometimes it's better to NOT stock up on items that your family doesn't typically use, but keep with the essentials. For my family that includes a pain reliever/fever reducer like Children's Advil, a cold medicine like Children's Dimetapp and a cough syrup like Children's Robitussin. With spring colds, coughs and occasional fevers, these great products typically keep us covered with all our sickly needs!

Check out some more info on these great products from Pfizer Pediatrics:

·         When sick gets real, the pediatric brands of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare are there with three solutions – Children’s Advil®, Children’s Robitussin® and Children’s Dimetapp® – to tackle the ickiest of symptoms.
·         Ease those aches and pains, while reducing a child’s fever fast with Children’s Advil®*, a great solution for kids as young as 2 and up to 11. Children’s Advil® comes in several great-tasting flavors, including: Sugar-free Dye-free Berry, Bubble Gum, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Fruit and Dye-Free White Grape flavors. There’s also Infants’ Advil® White Grape, which provides unsurpassed fever relief (among OTC pain relievers) with a syringe for easy dosing for children 6-23 months.
·         For your child’s cough, trust Children's Robitussin® Extended-Release 12 Hour Cough Relief to control and relieve symptoms all-day or all- night. Available in grape or orange flavor, for children ages 4 and up. Please note, certain Children's Robitussin® products are only suitable for children ages 6 and up.
·         Children’s Dimetapp® Multi-Symptom Cold Relief Dye-Free eases your child’s stuffy and runny nose, while quieting a bothersome cough. All in a great-tasting grape flavor that’s dye-free, for children ages 6 and up.

Learn more and connect at the links below:
·         Sick just got real.™ website
·         Sick just got real.™ Facebook page

To help you get at least the medicine cabinet refreshed for spring, one very lucky reader is going to win a Pfizer Pediatric Prize pack including a 
$25 Visa gift card and (1) Children's Advil® Suspension, Grape, (1) Children’s Robitussin ® Extended-Release 12 Hour Cough Relief, and (1) Children’s Dimetapp® Multi-Symptom Cold Relief Dye-Free. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

Winner will be contacted via e-mail after giveaway ends, and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. One entry per household, winning entry will be verified. Odds of winning depend on valid entries received. A Modern Day Fairy Tale is not responsible for prize delivery.


  1. All of the products are good to have in your at-home get well soon kit.

  2. I like all of these products and have them on hand in case my kids get sick and I can not leave the house.

  3. These are great products to keep on hand.

  4. These are very helpful products! We always have Children's Advil on hand for my grandsons whenever they need it!

  5. We use Children's Advil whenever my Granddaughter is sick.

  6. I like to have these on hand because I never know when my son will catch something at school.

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  8. I really like to use Children's Advil I think it's a good product.
    heather hgtempaddy@hotmail.com

  9. I love all of their product and love that they help my child to feel better

  10. We always have Children's Advil on hand. All of these products are super effective!

  11. dimetapp is great for kids allergies and advil is great for aches and pains. Been on our shelves for years.

  12. I've never thought of spring cleaning my medicine cabinet up until now but I do make sure throughout the year I have all my favorite meds for my son in there and keep all the expired meds out for safety reasons.

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  15. This would be great to have at my house when my granddaughter is visiting

  16. Having to leave the house with a sick kid to run to the pharmacy for medicine is the worst! It's super smart to keep these on hand just in case. Thanks for the reminder to check for expired mess, too!



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