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Honor Those Who Serve with Valor Block {A #ValorBlock Review}

** Valor Block received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

If there is one thing my 10+ years as a military spouse has taught me, it's that the military is a proud group. I mean, most people don't have their careers tattooed on their body, right? When was the last time you saw someone with a tat stating 'MD'? There is a sense of brotherhood and accomplishment that can go along with those titles. And it's not exclusive to service members either. It extends to the wives, the girlfriends and the mothers too. In fact, there is probably an even bigger sense pride for us. Yes, the military is kind of like its own fandom isn't it?

So, it only makes sense that they would have their very own block from those who brought us Nerd Blocks, right?

Introducing Valor Block!!

Valor Blocks subscription boxes are custom-curated, unique collections of themed apparel, books, magazines, electronic accessories, housewares, personal care supplies and much more. Each month, members receive a mystery box of entertaining and useful merchandise celebrating their selected service.

"To us, 'valor' represents the incredible strength and courage of the world's protective forces," says Russ Montague, founder and CEO, Valor Blocks. "We're honored to be able to showcase products that shine a well-deserved light on the sacrifices that members of Protective Services make every day."

Valor Blocks is committed to sourcing products of the highest quality from only licensed vendors, with a preference for exclusive products where possible. Further, all blocks are built in America by Americans, and ship from the U.S.A. Valor Blocks is a fully licensed program, and a portion of all sales will be remitted back to the respective licensor to support Protective Service personnel and their families.

Sounds pretty amazing, right!?

I was recently given the chance to receive a Valor Block for myself. Let's take a look inside:

All of these pieces are licensed Army merchandise than any soldier is sure to love. They're high quality, they're unique and they show off pride in their branch... which anyone with military affiliation can assure you is a big deal!

But what about those other branches? The Army Block was the first block, but I am excited to announce that they have now introduced three more block: Army, Navy and Air Force! Now each branch can show off their pride! These blocks are not just great for service members, but for their friends and family too! Have you ever talked to a Marine mom? Whew, let me tell you... you think a Marine is moto, you should meet his MOM! What a great gift would this make for a parent whose child is deployed!

Even better, when you purchase a Valor Block, a portion of sales is donated to Hire Heroes USA. Hire Heroes USA helps veterans and their families succeed in the civilian workforce. Visit HireHeroesUSA.org to learn more.

Ready to see more or get started with Valor Blocks? Check out the links below:

Official Twitter:​ @ValorBlocks / twitter.com/valorblocks
Official Facebook:​ @ValorBlocks / facebook.com/ValorBlocks
Official Instagram:​ @ValorBlocks / instagram.com/valorblocks
Official Website:​ www.ValorBlocks.com


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