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Do Everything In Love {+ Inspirational Wedding Gifts from Dayspring} #Dayspring #LiveYourFaith

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Tomorrow is June 1.

For some of those that marks the beginning of summer vacation. For some it tells us its officially time to pack the winter clothes back up. And for many others, it brings about a completely different season--- WEDDING SEASON!

It may seem  a little cliche, but who doesn't love a June wedding!? Already I see the weddings starting to fill my newsfeed, and I know as we venture into June that will continue to pop up. And I LOVE it! There's something so magical about a wedding- no matter when. The dresses, the flowers, the glitz and glamour of it all. But nothing in the world can top the best part of a wedding- the LOVE!

Seeing these newlywed couples, so deep in love...well, now, that's the true magic of it, isn't it? I never had the big wedding. We were married quickly at my church wearing jeans during my soon-to-be husband's military leave. Still, I wouldn't change it. It wasn't about the wedding or how big or fancy it was--- it was about the life we were starting together. It was about committing to one another before our family and our God... just as it should be!

While shopping for wedding gifts this wedding season, why not keep that in mind? Skip the toaster or the towels they are going to get so many of. Try a gift that will remind them of their love for one another, and the foundation of their marriage found in Christ.

One great option is this lovely wall sign from Dayspring.

Do everything in love. - 1 Corinthians 16:14

That's a great foundation to build a new marriage on isn't it? For newlyweds, it's easy enough... but as time wears on and you realize your husband might never stop putting his dirty socks on the floor or leaving the toilet seat up... well, it just might become your mantra. When you're working through your honey-do list- do it in love. When you are supporting your spouse in their career, do it in love. When you are talking about your spouse to your friends or via social media, do it in love. When you are having a disagreement, yes, even do THAT in love. Marriage can have its rough moments, so what greater gift can you give that one that reminds a newly married couple these simple 4 words.

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Are you or someone in your life getting married this summer? Which of these great gifts from Dayspring would they love?


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